Chris Giannou: On the Border of the Abyss
Production Companies: Judy Films Inc., Toronto / Cineflix Productions Inc., Montréal
Producers: Judy Jackson, Glen Saltzman
Director and Scriptwriter: Judy Jackson
Broadcasters: CTV, Vision TV, Knowledge Network, TFO, Canal Vie
Financial Participation: $44,000

The Strange Case of Bunny Weequod (Aboriginal-Language Production)
Production Company: Cool Native Productions, Toronto
Producers: John Ray, Dave Deleary
Director: Steve Van Denzen
Scriptwriter: Drew Hayden Taylor
Broadcasters: TVNC, CBC, CF TV
Financial Participation: $88,500

J.R. Smallwood: A Biography
Production Company: Morag Productions Inc., St. John's
Producer: Linda Fitzpatrick
Director and Scriptwriter: Barbara Doran
Broadcaster: CBC
Financial Participation: $77,614

The Untold Story (Documentary)
Production Company: Codlessco Ltd., St. John's
Producers: Mary White, Marian Frances White
Director: Greg Malone
Scriptwriter: Marian Frances White
Broadcasters: NTV, CBNT-TV, Vision TV
Financial Participation: $100,000

The Life and Times of William Shatner
Production Company: Harvey McKinnon Productions Inc., Vancouver
Producers: Harvey McKinnon, Lynn Booth
Director: Michael Tobias
Scriptwriter: Harvey McKinnon
Broadcaster: CBC
Financial Participation: $125,140

Seventh Sister (Documentary)
Production Company: Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc., Winnipeg
Producers: Phyllis Laing, Joe MacDonald
Director and Scriptwriter: Gordon McLennan
Broadcasters: Vision TV, SCN, Bravo!, CBC
Financial Participation: $18,486

Legends (Drama in an Aboriginal-Language
Production Companies: Omni Films Productions, Vancouver / Full Regalia Productions, Gibsons, B.C.
Producer, Director and Scriptwriter : annie frazier henry
Broadcasters: TVNC, CTV, Vision TV
Financial Participation: $100,000

Albertine en cinq temps
Production Company: Les Productions Sogestalt Inc., Montréal
Producers: Pierre Beaudry, Luc Châtelain
Directors: André Melançon, Martine Beaulne
Scriptwriter: Michel Tremblay
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $100,000

Haute Surveillance (Drama/Mini-Series)
Production Company: SDA Productions inc., Montréal
Producers: André Picard, Franco Battista
Director: Marc F. Voizard
Scriptwriters: Jacques Jacob, Mario Bolduc, Sylvain Guy, Marcel Beaulieu
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $400,000

HOH OHO (Documentary)
Production Companies: Les Productions Virage inc., Montréal / Les Productions du Phare Est inc., Moncton
Producers: Cécile Chevrier, Marcel Simard
Director and scriptwriter: Martin Duckworth
Broadcaster: Radio Canada
Financial Participation: $65,000

Jazz Collection 98 (Documentary/Mini-Series)
Co-production with France (Ex Nihilo)
Production Company: Amérimage - Spectra inc., Montréal
Producers: Pierre L. Touchette, Patrick Sobelman, Alain Simard
Director: Michel Barbeau
Scriptwriter: Serge Truffaut
Broadcasters: TFO, Bravo!
Financial Participation: $75,000

Pali, Mali et leurs amis II (Children/Mini-Series)
Production Company: Productions Pali Mali inc., Montréal
Producer: Paul Cadieux
Directors: Carlos Ferrand, Jacques Laberge
Scriptwriters: Michael Rubbo, Bernard Émond
Broadcasters: TFO, TQS
Financial Participation: $150,000

Tag (Drama/Series)
Production Company: SDA Productions Inc., Montréal
Producers: Francine Forest, André Picard
Director: Pierre Houle
Scriptwriter: Joanne Arseneau
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $2,500,000

Tohu Bohu (Children/Series)
Production Company: Les Productions Sogestalt inc., Montréal
Producers: Pierre Beaudry, Luc Châtelain
Director: Claude Boucher
Scriptwriters: Maryse Pelletier, Monique Fournier, François Boulay, Andrée Lambert,
André Poulin
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $750,000

Murder and Mayhem on the Vancouver... (Documentary)
Production Company: Galafilm Inc., Montréal
Producer: Arnie Gelbart
Director: Josh Freed
Scriptwriters: Josh Freed, Miro Cernetig
Broadcaster: CBC
Financial Participation: $78,806

Polar Bear Safari (Documentary)
Production Company: Galafilm Inc., Montréal
Producer: Arnie Gelbart
Director: Josh Freed
Scriptwriters: Josh Freed, Miro Cernetig
Broadcasters: CBC, Channel Four
Financial Participation: $78,379




Old Hats
Production Company: Mulberry Film Inc., Vancouver
Producer: William Vince
Distribution Company: Red Sky Entertainment
Financial Participation: $500,000

Apartment Hunting
Production Company: Apartment Hunting Productions Inc., Toronto
Producers: Moira Holmes, Paul Barkin
Director and Scriptwriter: Bill Robertson
Distribution Company: Alliance Releasing (1994) Corporation
Broadcaster: CBC
Financial Participation: $400,000

Saint Jude (Drama)
Production Companies: The East Side Film Company Inc., Toronto / Lux Films inc., Montréal
Producers: Sandra Cunningham, Nicole Robert
Director: John L'Écuyer
Scriptwriter: Heather O'Neill
Distribution Company: Behaviour Distribution Inc.
Broadcaster: CBC
Financial Participation: $782,181

Le Petit Ciel
Co-production with France (Le Bureau)
Production Companies: 3474569 Québec inc. / Aska Film Productions Inc., Montréal
Producers: Franck Vager, Claude Gagnon, Samuel Gagnon, Yuri Gagnon-Yoshimura
Director: Jean-Sébastien Lord
Scriptwriters: Jean-Sébastien Lord, Catherine Carlson
Distribution Company: Aska Film Distribution
Broadcasters: Télé-Québec, Premier Choix
Financial Participation: $254,707

Les Siamoises (Drama)
Production Company: Amérique Films inc., Montréal
Producer: Martin Paul-Hus
Director and Scriptwriter: Isabelle Hayeur
Distribution Company: Cinéma libre inc.
Financial Participation: $50,830

La Veuve de Saint-Pierre (Drama)
Co-production with France (Epithète Films, SA)
Production Companies: Productions Veuve Saint-Pierre inc. / Cinémaginaire inc., Montréal
Producers: Gilles Legrand, Frédéric Brillion, Denise Robert
Director: Patrice Leconte
Scriptwriters: Patrice Leconte, Claude Faraldo
Distribution Company: Alliance Vivafilm Inc.
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $350,000

15 Moments (Drama)
Co-production with France (Ciné b)
Production Companies: 15 Moments Productions Inc. / Cinémaginaire inc., Montréal /
Screenventures XLV Productions Ltd. / Alliance Pictures Inc.. Toronto
Producers: Robert Lantos, Denise Robert, Philippe Carcassonne
Director: Denys Arcand
Scriptwriters: Denys Arcand, Jacob Potashnik
Distribution Company: Alliance Vivafilm Inc.
Broadcasters: TMN Networks Inc., Premier Choix
Financial Participation: $2,000,000

Between the Moon and Montevideo (Drama)
Production Company: Les Productions Créon inc., Montréal
Producers: Attila Bertalan, Pascal Maeder
Director and Scriptwriter: Attila Bertalan
Distribution Company: TBA
Broadcaster: TMN Networks Inc.
Financial Participation: $342,700



One Last Shot
Production Company: Torrential Pictures Ltd., Windsor, NS
Producer and Director: Mike Clattenburg
Scriptwriters: Rob Wells, Mike Clattenberg, John Paul Tremblay
Financial Participation: $5,000

Applaud or Die!!
Production Company: Howe Sound Films Inc., Vancouver
Producer: Brian McKeown
Broadcaster : CBC
Financial Participation: $30,000

Stone Coat (Drama)
Production Company: Kinotek Entertainment Corp., Calgary
Producers: Rolf Schrader, Stephanie Wise, Dennis McBeth
Director and Scriptwriter: Rolf Schrader
Financial Participation: $20,000

Production Company: Les Productions Jeux d'ombre inc., Montréal
Producer: Anne-Marie Gélinas
Director and Scriptwriter: Simon Lacombe
Distribution Company: Film Tonic inc.
Financial Participation: $30,000

Les Fantômes des trois Madeleine (Drama)
Production Company: 9064-3016 Québec inc., Montréal
Producers: Guylaine Dionne, François Landry
Director and Scriptwriter: Guylaine Dionne
Distribution Company: Compagnie France Film inc.
Financial Participation: $24,000

Le Marchand de sable (Drama)
Production Company: Chouette Films inc., Montréal
Producers: Nadine Fournelle, Virginie Jalfredo
Director and Scriptwriter: Nadine Fournelle
Broadcaster: Radio-Canada
Financial Participation: $20,000



Monster by Mistake: On-Line Adventure
Production Company: Monster by Mistake Multimedia Inc., Toronto
Producers: Arnie Zipursky, Hasmi Giakoumis, Kim Davidson
Scriptwriter: Dan Fill
Financial Participation: $100,000

Nikolai's Judges (Edutainment/CD-ROM)
Production Company: I. Hoffmann + Associates Inc., Toronto
Producer: Isabel Hoffmann
Director: Jane Kidd
Scriptwriter: Uno Hoffmann
Financial Participation: $125,185

Nikolai's Treats (Edutainment/CD-ROM)
Production Company: I. Hoffmann + Associates Inc., Toronto
Producer: Isabel Hoffmann
Director: Patrick Vandesompele
Scriptwriter: Uno Hoffmann
Financial Participation: $135,590

The Savoir-Faire Party Planner (Edutainment/Internet)
Production Companies: Snap Media Corp. / Savoir Faire Productions Inc., Toronto
Producers: Raja Khanna, Michael Prini, Amos Shaw
Director and Scriptwriter: Nik Manojlovich
Financial Participation: $70,000

A Country By Consent / Un pays pour l'avenir (Edutainment/Internet)
Production Company: Artistic Productions Ltd., Ottawa
Producers: Linda West, Bill Dunn
Director: Bill Dunn
Scriptwriter: Linda West
Financial Participation: $96,000

Beavers and Magic of Flight
Production Company: Big Pictures DVD Productions Ltd., Vancouver
Producer: Ryan Mullins
Financial Participation: $55,000

Einstein's Dreams (Game/CD-ROM)
Production Company: DNA Productions Inc., Vancouver
Producer: Steven Forth
Financial Participation: $250,000

The Living Dinosaur Project (Edutainment/CD-ROM)
Production Company: Tohaventa Holdings Inc., Edmonton
Producers: Geoff Le Boutillier, Karen Redford
Financial Participation: $250,000

Atelier cosmique
Production Company: Media Renaissance inc., Montréal
Director: Pierre-Benoit Lemieux
Scriptwriter: Frédéric Kantorowski
Financial Participation: $18,750

Évolution (Game/CD-ROM)
Production Company: Enzyme Marketing Digital inc., Montréal
Producer: Yan Cyr
Director: Tom Quach
Scriptwriter: Patrick Buisson
Financial Participation: $250,000

Insectia le jeu (Game/CD-ROM and Internet)
Production Company: Productions Pixcom inc., Montréal
Producer: André Barro
Directors: Jean Desrosiers, Jean-François Gagnon
Scriptwriters: Denis Blaquière, Roch Morin
Financial Participation: $92,263

Kaos (Edutainment/Internet)
Production Company: Communications Kaomax Inc., Montréal
Producers: Louise Dansereau, Pierre Olivier
Director: Pierre Côté
Scriptwriter: Pierre Olivier
Financial Participation: $125,000

Man of War II (Game/CD-ROM)
Production Company: Première Stratégie Inc., Montréal
Producer: James McNeily
Financial Participation: $174,225

Les Premières Nations du Canada (Reference/CD-ROM)
Production Company: Bernard Cleary et Associés inc., Wendake, QC
Producers: Chantal Cleary, Louis Perreault
Scriptwriter: Louis Perreault
Financial Participation: $150,000