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Micro-Budget Production Program: Funding of micro-budget feature films from emerging filmmakers

Telefilm Canada’s Micro-Budget Production Program targets emerging Canadian talent, supporting them in the production and promotion of their first feature-length film, with an emphasis on the use of digital platforms for marketing, distribution and audience engagement.

The program is comprised of three different components:

  • Main component
  • Aboriginal component
  • New! Official-Language Minority Communities (OLMC) component

There is a two-stage application process:

Recommendation Stage:
Prospective creative teams, with their project, must apply to one of the diverse groups of designated partners for this program (see lists below).  Each designated partner recommends one project to Telefilm Canada for consideration.

At the end of the Recommendation Stage, Telefilm will issue an invitation to the projects eligible to advance to the Application Stage. These letters will be sent to the designated partners.

Application Stage:
For projects invited to apply, the applicant then applies to Telefilm as a corporation using eTelefilm (see List of Required Documents below).

For further information on details of the program, including how to apply, please consult the material provided below: Guidelines, FAQ, Forms, Useful Tools, and Application Deadlines.


Atlantic Region Vanessa Manco
Quebec Isabelle Picard and Carmela Sciortino
Ontario and Nunavut Vanessa Manco
Western Region Jennifer Porter

See offices contact information


Guidelines applicable as of January 19, 2015 for the Micro-Budget Production Program

(398 KB)


Submit and track your application online using eTelefilm

List of Required Documents (at time of application to Telefilm)

(64 KB)

Declaration of email address

(50 KB)

Declaration of Canadian Status of Corporation and Corporate Information

(116 KB)

Affidavit – Canadian Content

(125 KB)

Application Dates

January 19, 2015 - Launch date of the Micro-Budget program – Main, OLMC and Aboriginal components
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : French, English

March 16, 2015 - Deadline for submission of letters of recommendation to Telefilm from designated partners
Region(s) : Atlantic, Quebec, Ontario, West
Language(s) : French, English

Useful Tools


(49 KB)

List of Designated Partners - Main component

(491 KB)

List of Designated Partners - Aboriginal component

(157 KB)

List of Designated Partners – OLMC component

(81 KB)

Recommendation Letter Template

(71 KB)

Standard Production Budget Template (for Micro-Budget)

(112 KB)

List of Library and Archives Canada (LAC) Requirements for Feature Films

Affidavit – Final Costs – budgets equal to or less than $250,000

(47 KB)

Audience Performance Report

(69 KB)

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