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Screenwriting Assistance Program - advisory concerning the next submission deadline

Please be advised that the next submission deadline to the Canada Feature Film Fund's Screenwriting Assistance Program (SAP) is September 22, 2003.

All applications, complete with required support material, must be received in the appropriate regional office no later than the deadline date by 5:00 p.m.

Each applicant will receive his/her decision letter 8-12 weeks after the submission deadline. Please note, the mailing out of decision letters is staggered, with French-language decision letters going out earlier than the English-language decision letters. This is due to the fact that fewer applications in French are received, which allows the processing time to be shorter.

In order to ensure that your application is as complete as necessary, Telefilm Canada suggests you re-examine the SAP program's guidelines and FAQ section on the website as there have been some modifications. Incomplete applications will be returned.

Please see below three key administrative points to follow when preparing your application to Telefilm Canada:

i) For French-language projects only, 7 copies of creative materials are required; for English-language, 10 copies are required;

ii) All applications must use 1.5 line spacing, with text in 12-point font. Incorrectly formatted applications will be returned.

iii) It is strongly urged to avoid sending any materials in a bound format (e.g. stapled, coil binding etc.).