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COMMITTED TO PERFORMANCE: Telefilm launches its new client service charter and extranet

To all our Canadian industry colleagues,

Telefilm Canada’s success in helping to build larger audiences for Canadian cultural products depends to a large extent on our performance.

As stated in our 2003-2006 Corporate Plan, one of Telefilm’s major objectives is to become a more efficient, client-oriented and commercially sophisticated cultural organization.

And we’re doing just that.

On behalf of everyone at the Corporation, I am proud to announce the launch of two key initiatives that will better align us with your needs and with the realities of the film, television, new media and music businesses: the Service Charter for Telefilm Canada’s Clients and a new extranet service.

The client service charter: defining the terms of a new relationship with our partners The changes made to our business policies and procedures have culminated in the development of our Service Charter for Telefilm Canada’s Clients, which is our “performance promise” to you.

Now available on our Website (under Telefilm/Corporate Publications), this document sets out the values that we uphold and commits us to standards of service for our core programs. Among the principles we believe are important are accessibility, fairness and timeliness.

You will know what you can expect from us, how services will be delivered and what you can do when the service you receive is not acceptable. And at the same time, we have defined what we expect from you.

The extranet: our new client-oriented information system With Telefilm’s new, free extranet service, you will now be able to file applications electronically and have the ability to access updates on the status on your files.

What does this mean for you?

For starters, you will be able to take advantage of an information-sharing space with Telefilm, ensuring the accuracy of your records, as well as benefit from our extended access hours to centralized information related to your company and your financing applications.

The extranet will be implemented in three phases throughout 2003-2004. We’re pleased to announce that stage one is now open for business.

For more information on this practical on-line service, click on the following link

I would like to thank all of our clients who took part in the consultations on the development of these two important initiatives. Your contribution and insight have been of great benefit to us and your industry partners.


Richard Stursberg
Executive Director