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Industry Advisory

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March 24, 2005 - Please take special note that the Canada Feature Film Fund Guidelines for 2005/06 will be posted on the Telefilm Canada website in the next 2 weeks. However, the guidelines will remain largely unchanged from the 2004/05 Guidelines currently available on the Telefilm Canada website.

Telefilm also will be posting a document outlining the Corporation’s National Comparative process at the same time.

June 27, 2005 Feature Film Deadline Cancelled – English-language Projects requesting over $1 million

Due to the volume of exceptional, high quality applications received across the country at the January 17 deadline and anticipated for the April 11 deadline, and in light of the time required for producers to assemble a competitive package, it was decided to eliminate the June 27, 2005 deadline.

The next application deadline for English-language projects is October 3, 2005 and will be used to commit any remaining resources available in 2005-2006 and to evaluate projects that intend on shooting after April 1, 2006.

The October 3, 2005 deadline for French-language projects has been cancelled.