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Industry Advisory

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Telefilm Canada would like to announce the second 2005-2006 Canada New Media Fund application deadline for all phases: October 19, 2005

Due to limited resources the second deadline will be open only to:

  1. New projects that did not apply to the May 9th deadline (for all phases);
  2. Market Research & Prototyping applications rejected from May 9th deadline, but are able to demonstrate material improvement from the first deadline; and
  3. Product Development and Marketing projects rejected from the May 9th deadline (full application phase), but are able to demonstrate material improvement from first deadline.

In order to facilitate contracting before the end of the fiscal year, projects with confirmed financing will have an advantage in decisions.

Decisions will be announced on September 14, 2005 regarding accepted Expression of Interest projects submitted July 11.

Material improvements are significant changes or significant developments on a project. They can include new project partnerships (as evidenced by new agreements, contracts, letters of interest, etc.); evolved marketing plans; considerable improvements in the project proposal like expansion of scope, functionality, content or technology enhancements; or the addition of more experienced key personnel and/or other project collaborators (sub-contractors, subject matter experts, consultants). Telefilm Canada will, in its sole discretion, determine if a project's improvements are significant enough to accept the application for re-evaluation.

eTelefilmTM Now Available for New Media Projects

Telefilm Canada's online services are now available to Canada New Media Fund applicants. For the next deadline, October 19, production companies from coast to coast will be able to submit applications online and benefit from a range of services. For full details and conditions concerning use of the extranet, along with an interactive demo, visit:

Companies that submit applications via eTelefilmTM enjoy two notable advantages:

  • Access to direct deposit for Telefilm funding payments;
  • Submission of applications up to 10 p.m. (ET) on the deadline date (vs. 5 p.m. for those delivered to a Telefilm office)

To register online:

It pays to use our online services!