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Principal changes to the Versioning Assistance Fund

October 7, 2005 - Telefilm Canada would like to remind the television industry of some changes made to the 2005-2006 guidelines of the Versioning Assistance Fund in July 2005. The Corporation administers the resources allocated for the versioning of television programs on behalf of the Canadian Television Fund.

  • The versioning envelope has gone from 1 to 2 million dollars.
  • Twenty-five per cent of the resources (i.e. $500,000) will be devoted to children's and youth programs.
  • If the amount reserved for children's and youth programs has not all been spent by January 16, 2006, the remaining amount will be put into the CTF reserve fund.
  • The $200,000 cap per company has been eliminated.
  • The versioning costs of a pilot project or series episode can get 100 per cent funding for purposes of showing screenings to potential buyers. The contribution for the versioning of the pilot or episode is not subject to recoupment or repayment. However, in the event that a sale is concluded of the pilot, television series or mini-series then 50% of Telefilm's contribution must be repaid from first revenues. This is done to promote the sale of a production in the other official language or in aboriginal languages.
  • There is no envelope allocation by region and by language, or by genre, except for children's and youth programs.

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For more information please contact your regional office.

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