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Canada Feature Film Fund
English market Focus Group summary now available online

Montreal, March 29, 2006 - The summary of Telefilm Canada's first Focus Group on decision-making in the English Canadian feature film industry, held last January, is now available on its Website.

The overall objective of the English-Language Market Focus Group was to address the issues and challenges facing the English Canadian feature film industry, which have contributed to a limited theatrical market share.

The spirit and intent of the Focus Group meeting was a first step in establishing a new dialogue within the industry.

It was the first of three planned industry meetings, the second of which, to take place late spring, will focus on the creative process by which English-language feature films are developed and produced. The third meeting slated for this fall will concentrate on how Canadian films can be more effectively marketed and promoted in a marketplace heavily dominated by foreign films.

The issues, recommendations, ideas and debates resulting from these three sessions will be provided to the newly reconstituted Canada Feature Film Working Group for further consideration, and will provide an important context going forward in the development of Canada Feature Film Fund policies and programs.

Summaries of the spring and fall sessions will also be available after each session. Please check Telefilm's Website for updates.

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