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Canada Feature Film Fund –Québec Office
Writer’s First Program

Montréal, July 10, 2006 - Telefilm Canada's Quebec office announces that, in light of the high number of applications it has received under the Writer's First screenwriting assistance program, it will no longer accept submissions for fiscal 2006-2007 as of July 12, 2006. The Writer's First program is the English-language complement to the French-language Programme d'aide à l'écriture de scénarios.

Since May 15, the Corporation has received more than $285,000 worth of funding requests for English-language screenwriting projects, which far exceeds the resources of the Quebec office.

Telefilm Canada would also like to remind the industry that, in order to reflect the different needs of both language markets, the Corporation has adopted an asymmetrical approach for both the Writer's First et Aide à l'écriture de scénarios programs. As such, guidelines and eligibility criteria are different for each program.

For further information, please consult the Canada Feature Film Fund guidelines section on Telefilm Canada's Web site.