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Montreal, November 9, 2006 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce its support of 124 original Canadian English-language feature films projects through the development component of the Canada Feature Film Fund and the Writer’s First program, whose intent is to develop and nretain a pool of creative and talented screenwriters as well as a bank of screenplays that are likely to succeed at the box office.

Writer’s First – Outline to First Draft




Abu Muna

Ruba Nadda

Ontario & Nunavut

Check-Out Time

Elizabeth Stewart



Michael Sparaga

Ontario & Nunavut

Little Brother

Gaurav Seth

Ontario & Nunavut

Masturbators (The)

Sean Garrity


Mother’s Day

Kellie Benz


One Week

Michael McGowan

Ontario & Nunavut

Writer’s First – Treatment to First Draft





Glynis Davies



Leon Marr

Ontario & Nunavut

Development program – Canada Feature Film Fund

Atlantic region

Project and screenwriter

Production company

Alligator – Ed Riche

Morag Loves Company Ltd.

A Hard Chance – Chaz Thorne

Palpable Productions Inc., Standing 8 Productions, Acuity Pictures

Cheesecake – Thom Fitzgerald

Emotion Pictures

Grown Up Movie Star – Adriana Maggs

Opportunity Knox Inc.

The King Hunt – Justin Simms

Newfound Films Incorporated

Maudie – Sherri White

Rink Rat Productions/Screen Door Inc.

Nonsense Revolution – Ann Verrall

Emotion Pictures

Pushing Up Daisies – Chaz Thorne

Standing 8 Productions

Ricky Newwan – Rob Blackie

Ocean Entertainment

Smashed – Michael Melski

Consequence Films Ltd. and Alcina Pictures Ltd.

Something to Hide – Chris Bruce

Grana Productions

Surfing in Newfoundland – Andrew Younghusband

Morag Productions Inc.

Wish – Kerri Macdonald

Plain Sight Pictures Inc.

Quebec region

Project and Screenwriter

Production Company

Anatomica – Robert Geoffrion

Amérique Film inc.

City of Ice – Trevor Ferguson

4364686 Canada inc. (Spectra 5 V Film inc.)

Corto Maltese (The Fable of Venice) – Frédéric Ouellette

Remstar Productions inc.

Cult de sac – Michael Dowse / Dave Lawrence / Paul J. Spence

Galafilm inc.

Danny king of the basement – David S. Craig / Timothy Southam

Instinct Films inc.

Dickens of the mounted – Guy Sprung

Productions Volaré inc.

Frederick Walter Humperdick – Ben Philippi

Locomotion Films inc.

Free the children – Daniel Jr. Petrie

Angel Field Productions inc.

Funkytown – Steve Galluccio

Remstar Productions inc.

Game One – Tony Roman / Raphael Levy

Ciné-Roman inc.

It’s only love – Charles Dahan

Cirrus Productions inc. / Locomotion Films inc.

Lace Up ! – Philip Kalin Hajdu

Wishmaker Films inc.

Hanna’s Suitcase – Ken Scott

Christal Films Productions inc.

Lazarus Sisters – Andrew Pyper

Productions Equinoxe inc.

Passager (The) – Robert Geoffrion

Go Films L.P.R.S. inc. / Forum Films 2005 inc.

Rebels without Borders – Christian Duguay / Thom Richardson

CD Films inc.

Rough Around the Edges – Rodney Gibbons

4114019 Canada inc. (Tribute Films)

Scotsville – Jack Docherty

Melenny Productions inc.

Shameless – Arto Paragamian

Studio Max Films inc.

Sundogs – Simon Barry

Forum Films 2005 inc.

Third man on the cross – Attila Bertalan

Creon Productions (1991) inc.

Timekeeper (The) – Louis Bélanger / Lorraine Dufour

Coopérative de Production Vidéoscopique de Montréal

Two Worlds – Gerald Wexler / Paolo Barzman

Instinct Films inc.

Year Dolly Parton was my mom – Tara Johns

Palomar (3090-5178 Québec inc.)

Ontario & Nunavut regions

Project and screenwriter

Production company

57 Hours – Andrew Rai Berzins

Abella Entertainment Ltd.

Amal – Richie Mehta & Shaun Mehta

Poor Man’s Productions Ltd.

Arousal – Dennis Foon

Back Alley Film Productions Ltd. & Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc.

Beckoners (The) – Keith Leckie

Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc.

Blood Sports – Andrew Rai Berzins

Slated Wheel Entertainment Inc.

Blue Roan Child (The) – Tara Stafford, David Webb & Jamie Findlay

Nedji Corp & Peace Arch Motion Pictures Inc.

Breakfast with Scot – Sean Reycraft

Miracle Pictures Inc.

Cairo Time – Ruba Nadda

Foundry Films Inc.

Clara’s War – Jonas Chernick

Corey Marr Productions Inc.

Crime of the Century – Richard Nielsen

Fulford-Brown Inc. & Jakima Film Ltd.

Defendor – Peter Stebbings

Darius Films Inc.

Dermot’s Ghost – Jefferson Lewis

Film Works Ltd.

Discovery of Strangers (A) – Leonard Farlinger

New Real Films Inc.

Eden Falls – Barbara Gowdy & Marni Jackson

Foundry Films Inc.

Keel Haul – Eric Murphy

High Park Entertainment Inc.

Mad Dog and the Weasel – Noel Baker

Sarrazin Productions Inc.

My Superstar – Megan Martin

Slanted Wheel Entertainment Inc.

Passchendaele – Paul Gross

Rhombus Media Inc./Whizbang Films Inc.

Please Mr. Please – Brian Drader

Full Stop Films Inc.

Puck Hogs – Eric Lunsky

Protocol Entertainment Inc.

Romantic (The) – Esta Spalding

Rhombus Media Inc.

Ruby & the Prince – Djordje Milicevis

Knightscove Family Films Inc.

Teenland – Jonas Chernick & Corey Marr

Corey Marr Productions Inc.

Toronto Stories – David Weaver, Aaron Woodley, Sudz Sutherland & Sarah Polley

 New Real Films Inc.

Troll Under the Table (The) – Brad Peyton & Karen Walton

Capri Films Inc.

Uberman – Vincenzo Natali

Copperhead Entertainment Inc.

Vector One – Lesley Krueger

Megalomedia Productions Inc.

Waking Beauty – Elyse Friedman

January Films Ltd.

Weight of Light – Anita Doron & Jennifer Dale

1285297 Ontario Ltd. & APB Pictures Inc.

What About Me – Steven Israel

Jonathan Cohen

You are Here – Henry Sarwer-Foner

1245588 Ontario Inc.

Western region

Project and screenwriter

Production company

Between a Rock – Charles Wilkinson

Apple Pie Pictures Inc.

Bread – Jacqueline Samuda

Hybrid Films Ltd.

Burridge Unbound – Davor Marjanovic/Alan Cumyn

Artsy Fartsy Pictures Inc.

Chokeslam – Robert Cuffley

Yearbook Pictures Inc.

Cryptid – Monica Hilborn

Rampage Entertainment

Destroyer – Nathaniel Geary

Gearfilms Inc.

Devil Monkey – Darwin Sauer

Resonating Films Incorporated

Dracula's Granddaughter –  Peggy Thompson

Mortimer & Ogilvy Productions Ltd.

Drake Diamond-Exorcist for Hire (PKG) - Arne Olsen

Rampage Entertainment 

Feels So Near – Jana Williams

Long Tale Productions

Fetching (aka Alberta Bound) – Robert Cuffley & Jason Long

A Chaos Film Company Inc.

Fool's Gold (aka Tooth Paste & Cigars) – Elan Mastai

Sheep Noir Films Inc.

Four Walls – John Cassini & Benjamin Ratner

Long Tale Productions

Freezer Burn – Grant Harvey & Josh Miller

Def Productions Inc.

Igloo (The) – Nicholas Racz

Juliette Inc./Massey Productions Inc.

Insect Idol – Deborah Wakeham/Daryl Wakeham

Lucid Dreams Inc.

Kiss of the Fur Queen – Peter Haynes

Buffalo Gal Pictures Inc./Les Films d'Isle/Eagle Vision Inc.

Lacuna – Ryan Bonder

Insomnia Productions Inc.

Leper’s Bell (The) – Simon Barry

Screen Siren Pictures Inc.

Lighthouse (The) – Fredrik Thorsen

Irreverent Media Ltd.

Living With the Foleys – Jeff Beesley

1245588 Ontario Inc./Light Over Canvas Productions

Lost Coast (The) – Carl Binder

No Equal Entertainment Inc.

Loving Lena  - Scot Morison

Crescent Entertainment Inc.

Mist on the River – Shannon Olson Masters

Treasure House Productions Ltd.

Monkey Beach (Amendment) – John B. Frizzell & Loretta Todd

Mama-oo Pictures Ltd.

Nowhere to Run – Megan Martin

Nowhere to Run Productions Inc.

Old Con – Laurence Keane

Utopia Pictures Ltd.

On the Road to Nowhere – David Margolis

Duchess Productions Inc.

One Degree Closer – Hilary Pryor

May St. Group Film/Animation

Out of Love – Michael Maitland

Harbinger Films Inc.

Past Imperfect – Gerald Wexler

Anagram Pictures Inc.

Red Velvet Girls – Claudia Molina

Creative Engine Pictures Inc.

Rock 'n' Roll Ruined My Life – Andrew Kirkwood & Sean Turrell

Twin Engine Films Ltd.

Sacrifice (The) – Tarique Qayumi

Howe Sound Films Inc.

Saviour (The) – Aaron Woodley

Creative Engine Pictures Inc.

Sawchuk – Frank Borg

Irreverent Media Ltd.

See the Child – David Bergen

Buffalo Gal/40 Below Films

Spadework – Thom Fitzgerald

No Equal Entertainment

Splendid Life of Jesse Dixon – Jeremy Torrie

High Definition Pictures

Squirrels – Maya Miller

Creative Engine Pictures Inc.

Stevenson Under the Palm Trees – Irene Harris & Stuart Thomas

Under the Palms Inc/Gabriel Films Ltd. (UK)

They Wait – Carl Bessai/Travis McDonald

Brightlight Pictures Development

This War Is Closed Until Spring – Charles Dennis

Orca Productions Inc.

Throwing Thumbs –  Michael Giampa

Mad Hat Productions Inc.

When I Grow Too Old To Dream –Gerry Atwell & Winston Washington Moxam

Reel Effective Productions Inc.

When in Rome – Michael Thoma

Principal Productions Ltd.

Wind and Thunder – David Massar

Ghost Films Inc.