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Telefilm promotes co-productions to finance French-language feature films

Montreal, January 24, 2007 - Representatives of public culture agencies from Quebec (SODEC), France (Centre National de la cinématographie), Belgium's French community (Centre du cinema et de l'audiovisuel), Switzerland (Office fédéral de la culture), and the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg (FilmFund Luxembourg) responded with interest to Telefilm Canada's invitation to meet on January 17, 18 and 19, 2007 in Montreal to discuss the co-production of French-language feature films. The meeting, which was considered very successful by participants, was a first of its kind in Montreal. It created real dialogue between participants, and will be followed up with joint action over the coming year.

Telefilm is committed to finding solutions to the financing challenges for French-language feature film. The Meeting was one among a range of measures to assist the French-language Canadian film industry in maintaining its production volume and audience share.

Among the other Telefilm initiatives to further this mandate was the creation of the French Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) Working Group and the International Sales Promotion Pilot Initiative.

Objectives of the Meeting of Francophone Agencies on French-Language Feature Film Co-production
The main goals of the Meeting of Francophone Agencies on French-Language Feature Film Co-production were the following: improve the understanding of the realities of each of the countries; identify common stakes; identify shared areas of intervention; and trigger initiatives to encourage the production and distribution of French-language cinematographic works likely to reach a broad international audience. Participants also had the occasion to meet the French CFFF Working Group and to speak with its members.

Four priority areas of intervention
The meeting participants indicated the need for, and their interest in holding multilateral statutory meetings. They defined four important areas of intervention:

  • Development support (financial packaging, script-doctoring, casting, location scouting, etc.) for promising co-production projects;
  • The creation of incentive measures to promote cooperation between Canada and Europe;
  • Support for networking initiatives between producers and creators of the main Canadian Francophone partners; and
  • Initiatives to promote talent and co-productions.

The dialog between the participants will continue throughout this year. An action plan should lead to promising initiatives.

Telefilm Canada and the participating organizations will announce initiatives as soon as details are finalized.