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Telefilm appoints first-ever National Business Affairs Manager

Montreal, May 8, 2007 – Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce the appointment of Sandra Karr as the Corporation’s first-ever National Business Affairs Manager for the English-language feature film market.

The National Business Affairs Manager will oversee the delivery of standard business practices across the feature film teams. Ms. Karr will also support the local feature film teams in complex negotiations and fund management.

The creation of this new position will allow the staff responsible for project decision making in each Telefilm office to focus on talent and script development, and help increase the number of quality English-language films well marketed to Canadian audiences.

Ms. Karr joined the Corporation in 2001 as a Senior Investment Analyst going on to Acting TV Unit Director and Acting New Media Manager for the Western Region. In the national role of Corporate Specialist, she was responsible on behalf of all the offices for ensuring the ongoing eligibility of clients to the Canada Feature Film Fund.

Prior to joining Telefilm, Ms. Karr worked as the Controller at Red Sky Entertainment and Shavick Entertainment, and a financial accountant for firms in Vancouver and London, UK.