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Écrire au long and Feature It! programs

Montreal, September 6, 2007 – Telefilm Canada welcomes applications for its Écrire au long and Feature It!* initiatives (*new name of the initiative for the development of English-language feature films in Quebec). These initiatives promote the development of talent and regional development.

The guidelines of the two initiatives are essentially the same as during the previous fiscal year. The two initiatives are intended for writers/writers-directors and producers. The credit requirements for the participants are the same. However, in order to ensure consistency in its support to writers/writers-directors and producers from one initiative to the other, the initiatives are now structured in three phases:

  • Pre-development (for writers/writers-directors only, which is new for Feature It!) through a three-day writing workshop and an eight-week writing period.
  • Three-day market immersion (for producers, which is new for Écrire au long).
  • Access to a $20,000 recoupable advance in development for the projects selected, on the condition that an eligible production house submits the application.

Financial assistance for the first phase has gone from $2,000 to $4,000 and is now given directly to the writers/writers-directors.

The writers/writers-directors also have access to 10 hours of consultation from a script advisor. The advisors’ fees are assumed by Telefilm.

Écrire au long supports French-language professionals who work outside Montreal and outside Quebec. Feature It! supports English-language professionals working in Quebec. Each program allows the pre-development (by writers/writers-directors) and development (by production companies) of projects. Two selection committees oversee the selection of projects.

Application deadlines for 2007-2008

Écrire au long: October 3, 2007

Feature It: October 11, 2007

All details regarding this program and the eligibility criteria are available on Telefilm’s Web site:
Écrire au long
Feature it!