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Industry advisory - Telefilm Canada launches its new Client Service Charter

October 16, 2008 - Following the restructuring of its Operations sector, Telefilm Canada is today launching an update of its Client Service Charter, which was first issued in 2003.

The Charter outlines our commitment to accessibility, impartiality and the respect of deadlines,” stated Elizabeth Friesen, Telefilm Canada’s Chief Operating Officer. “Our organization was the first cultural agency to issue a client service charter, in 2003, following a survey of our clientele. The Charter also serves as a means for us to review and improve our services on an ongoing basis.”

The document applies to the Canada Feature Film Fund, the Canada New Media Fund, and the funding programs of the Canadian Television Fund (CTF), administered by Telefilm under an agreement with the CTF, as well as to international co-production and business development programs.

The Charter specifies Telefilm’s standards, from receipt of applications to disbursements, and sets out what Telefilm’s clients can expect of the organization and what Telefilm expects of its clients.

The Charter also provides a list of resource-persons, which will facilitate contacts with Telefilm representatives across the country.