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INDUSTRY ADVISORY - Changes to Canada New Media Fund Guidelines for 2009-2010

March 20, 2009 – Telefilm Canada is pleased that the Canada New Media Fund (CNMF) has been renewed for the 2009-2010 fiscal year. As this is a transition year, there are new application deadlines and an early completion date for client projects, events and initiatives in order to close the fund within the fiscal period. To help facilitate CNMF applications, Telefilm has alleviated its documentation requirements as well as the application process.

The deadline for Product Assistance applications for the development, production and marketing of Canadian interactive digital cultural content products intended for the general public is May 4, 2009.

Changes to CNMF Product Assistance Guidelines will include:

  • Omission of the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage;
  • Reduced documentation requirements for filing a complete application;
  • Clear demonstration of a confirmed financial structure; and,
  • Project completion by January 29, 2010 (including project delivery and final cost delivery).

The deadline for Sectoral Assistance applications that support industry-led events or initiatives benefiting the industry is June 19, 2009. There will be similar guidelines for Sectoral Assistance applications as in previous years, but with alleviated documentation requirements.

Telefilm recognizes the challenges that these constraints place on our clients and fund guidelines are being adjusted accordingly. Guidelines and application forms will be available by April 15, 2009 at

Clients are encouraged to consult their regional CNMF contacts prior to submitting applications.