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Industry Consultations

At Telefilm Canada, we’re committed to openly exchanging ideas with a diverse group of industry members so that we can continue to improve the quality and range of services we provide.

We use a variety of consultation formats to keep the dialogue flowing as we address key challenges in the industry.  

A summary of some noteworthy consultations can be found here.

Interactive Media Forum 3.0 - July 2008
The Corporation is pleased to share the Interactive Media Forum 3.0 Highlights and Regional Findings documents. Telefilm Canada has an ongoing commitment to improving its programs through regular consultation with industry leaders.

Consult the Focus Group Report: Highlights

Consult the Focus Group Report: Findings by Region

Ontario and Nunavut client survey findings - October 2007
152 clients from Ontario and Nunavut recently weighed in on Telefilm Canada’s performance in their region. The survey findings demonstrate that the level of client satisfaction has risen significantly since 2006.

Consult the client survey findings

Marketing Immersion report - March 2007
Engaging the Audience: A National Marketing Initiative for English-language Feature Films
In 2006, Telefilm Canada initiated a series of industry meetings to address the issues and challenges facing the English Canadian feature film industry dealing with decision-making, the creative process and marketing. The Marketing Immersion is the last in this series.

One of the greatest challenges facing the Canadian feature film is marketing our feature films to Canadian audiences. The third immersion was to deal with barriers and obstacles to effectively marketing English-language Canadian feature films in this country.

Consult the Marketing Immersion report

Consultations | Canada Showcase Program - May 2007
Telefilm conducted a review of the Canada Showcase program in 2006 and intends to continue responding to the needs of Canadian film festivals while making the program more transparent and more efficient. The review has served to identify improvements that have been discussed during cross-country consultations with the festivals concerned.

Further to the in-person, national consultations on the Canada Showcase Program which took place in May, Telefilm Canada opened the consultation process to the industry and invited comments from interested stakeholders on the results of the recent evaluation of the Canada Showcase program.

Consult the Canada Showcase Evaluation Report Phase 1
Consult the Canada Showcase Evaluation Report Phase 2
Consult the Best Practices Report

Client survey findings - October 2006
Telefilm released findings of its 2005-2006 client survey. The survey obtained the participation of 520 clients from all sectors-feature film, television, new media-and from all the regions of the country.

The survey confirms that Telefilm's corporate plan is on course with the industry's priorities. In particular, the industry believes-as does Telefilm-that two key measures of success for the Corporation are contributing to talent and industry development and reaching Canadian audiences.

Consult the client survey

Creative Immersion report - October 2006
In 2006, Telefilm Canada initiated a series of industry meetings to address the issues and challenges facing the English Canadian feature film industry dealing with decision-making, the creative process and marketing.

The Creative Immersion took place in early July 2006 in Toronto with a goal to provide a forum for a representative group of writers, directors, producers, distributors, broadcasters and financiers, to listen and learn from each other in order to achieve a better understanding of each other's respective realties..

The ultimate goal of these industry meetings is to align the industry to work together to establish joint solutions for success.

Consult the Creative Immersion report

English market Focus Group summary - January 2006
The summary of Telefilm Canada’s first Focus Group on decision-making in the English Canadian feature film industry, held last January, is now available online. The overall objective of the English-Language Market Focus Group was to address the issues and challenges facing the English Canadian feature film industry, which have contributed to a limited theatrical market share.

Consult the summary

Telefilm Canada goes on cross-Canada corporate tour
Wayne Clarkson, Executive Director of Telefilm Canada, along with the regional directors, were on the road from February 27 through March 8, 2006, to meet with a total of almost 450 clients and partners. The corporate tour made stops in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montréal and Halifax.

Consult the presentation (From cinemas to cell phones)

International coproduction guidelines
Telefilm Canada updated, in consultation with the industry, the international coproduction guidelines. The Coproduction department of the Corporation carried out this consultation.

The industry was invited to download a summary of the proposed changes from our Website and to send their comments. The comments received were compiled, and a series of ensuing meetings allowed Telefilm Canada to finalize its 2004-2005 coproduction guidelines.

To learn more about coproduction, click here.

Canada Feature Film Fund (CFFF) Development Guidelines (ended November 7, 2003)
Over the fall, the Corporation also consulted with the Canada Feature Film Fund Advisory Group, the Canadian Film and Television Production Association and the Association des producteurs de film et télévision du Québec. The on-line consultation process for the proposed CFFF Development Guidelines ended in November. Telefilm thanks all those who participated by sending in their comments.

Consult the summary of comments

Recoupment Policy (ended July 7, 2003)
Telefilm Canada held an industry consultation session to gather feedback on a draft Canadian Television Fund-Equity Investment Program Standard Recoupment Policy during the Banff Television Festival in June 2003. This preliminary consultation was followed by an on-line call for comments. Feedback received has been used to further test and refine the proposed recoupment model. Telefilm has also undertaken a similar modelling exercise for French-language projects. Telefilm wishes to take this opportunity to thank all those who provided comments.

Service Charter for Telefilm Canada's Clients (ended July 7, 2003)
Telefilm wishes to thank all those who provided comments.

For information regarding on-line consultations, please contact us at the following address:

Client survey findings - March 2002
In September 2001, Omnia Communications Inc. and POLLARA Inc. were retained by Telefilm Canada to undertake a client satisfaction and needs identification study.

Consult the final report