Diversity and bilingualism

Diversity of talent, expertise and jobs: we nurture talent every day by providing a stimulating and creative work environment for people who have developed diverse skills and expertise.

Diversity – at the heart of our values

We promote mutual respect and respect for diversity. These principles are part of our corporate values, our policies and the behaviours expected of employees and managers.

At Telefilm, all employees have equal chances for success based on their aptitudes and skills.

We foster employment equity by respecting the guidelines of the Employment Equity Act.


Telefilm Canada, as a Crown corporation, is subject to the Official Languages Act, which ensures respect for English and French as the country’s official languages, as well as their equality of status, rights and privileges with regard to their use.

A bilingual work environment

We offer a bilingual work environment and encourage employees to develop working fluency in both official languages.

A linguistic designation for each position

We determine a linguistic designation for each position, taking into account the type of services delivered to the public, the language of work and the language skills required to carry out the duties of the position. All new hires and employees changing positions within the organization are evaluated according to the linguistic designation of the position held.

Linguistic Designation of Positions

All newly hired, promoted or transferred employees are subject to a language evaluation based on the linguistic designation of the position.

Three language skills are evaluated: reading comprehension, written expression and oral interaction.

Letters representing the linguistic designation of the position correspond to these three skill sets, in the same order, with the following values:

X : Does not meet the minimum requirements

A : Basic level

B : Functional level

C : Advanced level

E : Exemption – Judged fully bilingual

For example, a position that requires an advanced level of reading comprehension, a functional level of written expression, and an advanced level of oral interaction would be classified CBC.

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