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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
Blue Box 2018 Coproduction directory Israel
Body Remembers When the World Broke Open (The) 2018 Experimental Forest Films Inc. Norway
Bondi Vet Coast to Coast 2019 Blue Ant Media Inc. Australia
Book Hungry Bears (The) I 2019 Breakthrough Enterprises Inc. New Zealand
Book of Negroes (The) 2014 Idlewild Films Limited South Africa
Bookaboo IV 2015 Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc. United Kingdom
Born To Be Blue 2014 New Real Films Inc. United Kingdom
Brasilia: Life After Design 2015 Lowik Média 2008 Inc. United Kingdom
Brave New World II 2013 Handel Productions Inc. United Kingdom
Brazil Untamed: The Pantanal 2015 Handel Productions Inc. Brazil
Breadwinner (The) 2016 Aircraft Pictures Limited Luxembourg, Ireland
Brick Mansions 2013 Transfilm International Inc. France
Brooklyn 2014 Item 7 Inc. United Kingdom, Ireland
Buckley's Chance 2019 Dingo Productions Inc. Australia
Cabin Truckers 2 2015 Cascade Productions Ltd. United Kingdom
Camions et des hommes III (Des) 2013 GROUPE PVP INC. France
Carmen Has Been Touched 2019 Aiken Heart Films Inc. Malta
Chambre du patriache (La) 2013 SERGESPRO INC. Israel
Champions vs Legends 2017 Kensington Communications Inc. Germany, Austria
Charity 2018 Leader Media Productions Ltd. Cuba
Charles et les Grenouilles 2015 DES Animation Ltee France
CHARLOTTE 2018 Coproduction directory France, Belgium
Chip and Potato 2017 DHX Media Ltd. United Kingdom
Chroniques du rail (Les) 2015 SERGESPRO INC. France
Cielo 2015 Second Sight Pictures Inc. Chile
Classic Car Rescue II 2013 DCF Media Packaging Corporation United Kingdom
Clay's P.O.V. II 2015 Alexander Sextus Limited Czech Republic
Close Up Kings 2014 YAP Films Inc. United Kingdom
Coconut Hero 2014 Six Island Productions Inc. Germany
Cold Providence 2020 1238504 B.C. LTD United Kingdom
Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure 2013 Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc. United Kingdom
Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure II 2014 Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc. United Kingdom
Colons (Les) /Settlers (The) 2014 SERGESPRO INC. France, Israel
Come to Daddy 2018 Coproduction directory New Zealand, Ireland
Conversations avec les dauphins 2015 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Counterfeit Cat 2015 1462598 Ontario Inc. (dba Tricon Films & Television) United Kingdom
Cousteau's Ocean Mysteries 2018 Cineflix Media Inc. United Kingdom
Cracké Family Scramble 2020 Animation Squeeze Studio Inc. Luxembourg
Creeped Out 2019 DHX Media Ltd. United Kingdom
Crystal Skulls 2013 Odyssey Media Inc. Bulgaria
Cup of Cheer 2020 SDP Entertainment Inc. United Kingdom
Cupcake and Dinosaur 2017 Entertainment One Ltd. Brazil
Cyanure 2013 Item 7 Inc. Switzerland
Dans la brume 2017 Laro Film inc. France
Dathuil 2015 Dathuil Canada Inc. Australia
DEAD IN THE WATER 2018 Foundry Films Inc. South Africa
Dead Still 2019 Coproduction directory Ireland
Death and Life of John F. Donovan (The) 2016 MIKALY INC. United Kingdom
Death of A Ladies Man 2019 DCP Mystery Arts Inc. Ireland
Debouttes 2018 Coproduction directory France