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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
Dinopaws 1 (1-52) 2013 Guru Animation Studio Ltd. United Kingdom
Doggy Dayschool II 2011 ATTRACTION MÉDIA INC. Brazil
Drain Alcatraz / Drain the Pirate City 2017 Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd. United Kingdom
Drain the Titanic / Drain the Bermuda Triangle 2014 Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd. United Kingdom
Early Winter 2014 Possibles Média inc. Australia
Earth from Space 2011 Handel Productions Inc. United Kingdom
Eddie 2011 Majika Pictures Inc. Denmark
Empire de l'or rouge (L') 2016 GROUPE PVP INC. France
En attendant Maman 2015 Zone3 Inc. Switzerland
Enemy 2012 Rhombus Media Inc. Spain
Énigme des Bélugas (L') 2016 Productions Nova Média Inc. France
Enragés 2014 Les Productions Rabid Dogs Inc. France
Equalizer (The) 2015 Kensington Communications Inc. Germany
Equalizer Winter 2017 Kensington Communications Inc. Austria, Germany
Equator 360 2017 Primitive Entertainment Inc. Germany
Et au pire on se mariera 2016 MIKALY INC. Switzerland
Every Thing Will Be Fine 2013 Entreprises Ronald Gilbert Inc. / Ronald Gilbert Enterprises Inc. Germany
Expatriate (The) / Erased 2011 Transfilm International Inc. Belgium
F-Word (The) 2012 David Gross Productions Inc. Ireland
Fatima 2015 Possibles Média inc. France
Fenêtre sur Corps 2011 Productions Nova Média Inc. France
Flight of the Butterflies 2011 SK Films Inc. Mexico, United Kingdom
Forced To Fight 2011 F2F Productions Inc. Romania
Forest of the Dancing Spirits 2011 Eye Steel Film Inc. Sweden
Foxfire: Confessions of a Girl Gang 2011 The Film Farm Inc. France
Franklin & Friends II (27-52) 2011 Corus Entertainment Inc. Singapore
Franklin & Friends Specials 2013 Corus Entertainment Inc. Singapore
Franklin's Lost Ships 2015 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. United Kingdom
Gambling On Extinction 2014 Real To Reel Productions Inc. Germany
Game Fever 2015 Intuitive Pictures Inc. France
Games Maker (The) 2013 Honalee Productions Inc. Argentina
Gare du Nord - Remix 2012 Productions Thalie Inc. France
Gawayn II 2011 Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. France
Gibraltar 2012 Les Films de L'Aviseur Inc. France
Gorilles et Paresseux 2017 SERGESPRO INC. France
Great Escape (The) 2011 Entertainment One Ltd. United Kingdom
Great Martian War (The) 2013 Entertainment One Ltd. United Kingdom
Gulistan, terre de roses 2014 Périphéria Films Inc Germany
Hadwin's Judgement 2013 True West Films Ltd. United Kingdom
Handsome Devils 2013 Saloon Media Inc. United Kingdom
Happily Ever After 2013 Paragraph Pictures Inc. United Kingdom
Hard Rock Medical 2 2012 Title Entertainment Inc. Australia
Havana 57 2012 Brown Bread Sandwiches Inc. Cuba
Havana the Series (aka Havana 58/aka REBELS) 2013 1894955 Ontario Inc. Cuba
Heaven Scent 2016 Leif Films Inc. Belgium
Hector and the Search for Happiness 2013 Screen Siren Pictures Inc. Germany
Helen's Little School / La petite école d'Hélène 2016 Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. France
HEVN (Revenge) 2014 Alcina Pictures Ltd. Norway
Hibou 2015 Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc. France
His Master's Voice 2016 Quiet Revolution Pictures Inc. Hungary