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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
Classic Car Rescue II2013DCF Media Packaging CorporationUnited Kingdom
Clay's P.O.V. II2015Alexander Sextus LimitedCzech Republic
Clay's POV2013Alexander Sextus LimitedCzech Republic
Close Up Kings2014YAP Films Inc.United Kingdom
Cocodrileros, Les Gardiens de la Mangrove2010SERGESPRO INC.France
Coconut Hero2014Six Island Productions Inc.Germany
Coeur régulier (Le)2015Association coopérative de productions audio-visuellesFrance
Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure2013Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc.United Kingdom
COLIN & JUSTIN'S HOME HEIST 22008Cineflix Media Inc.United Kingdom
Colin & Justin's Street Swap2012Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc.United Kingdom
Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure II2014Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc.United Kingdom
Combat Hospital2011Sienna Films Inc.United Kingdom
Contrôleurs aériens20149044-3250 Québec Inc.France
Convoy: War of the Atlantic2008Apple Ridge Films Inc.United Kingdom
Cosmopolis2011Plausible Communications Corporation d/b/a Prospero PicturesFrance
Counterfeit Cat20151462598 Ontario Inc. (dba Tricon Films & Television)United Kingdom
Crimson Petal and the White (The)2010ATTRACTION MÉDIA INC.United Kingdom
CRUSOE2008Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.South Africa, United Kingdom
Crystal Skulls2013Odyssey Media Inc.Bulgaria
Cyanure2013Productions Julix Inc.Switzerland
D-Day to Victory2011Entertainment One Ltd.United Kingdom
Dambusters: Fly Again2010Omnifilm Entertainment Ltd.United Kingdom
Dangerous Method (A)2010Plausible Communications Corporation d/b/a Prospero PicturesGermany
DARWIN'S BRAVE NEW WORLD2008Coproduction directoryAustralia
Dathuil2015Dathuil Canada Inc.Australia
Day My Butt Went Psycho (The) (1-20)2013Corus Entertainment Inc.Australia
Day My Butt Went Psycho II (21-40)2013Corus Entertainment Inc.Australia
Day of the Triffids (The)2009Fire Development Inc.United Kingdom
Death and Life of John F. Donovan (The)2016MIKALY INC.United Kingdom
DEATH OR CANADA2008Coproduction directoryIreland
Deception2011Odyssey Media Inc.Australia
Deep (The)2014DHX Media Ltd.Australia
Deep (The) II2016DHX Media Ltd.Australia
Definitive Guide: Sea Monsters and Bermuda Triangle (The)2015Handel Productions Inc.United Kingdom
DERNIÈRE FUGUE (LA)2008Coproduction directoryLuxembourg
Derniers hommes éléphants (Les)2013Inform-Action Films Inc.France
Desert Land2014SERGESPRO INC.Israel
Dex Hamilton: ALIEN ENTOMOLOGIST2008Coproduction directoryAustralia
DIE2008Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc.Italy
Diego Star2012Metafilms Inc.Belgium
Dig World War 22011YAP Films Inc.United Kingdom
Dinopaws 1 (1-52)2013Guru Animation Studio Ltd.United Kingdom
Dirtgirl World2008DHX Media Ltd.Australia
DIVERTED2008Coproduction directoryUnited Kingdom
DOG POUND2008Coproduction directoryFrance
Doggy Dayschool2009ATTRACTION MÉDIA INC.Brazil
Doggy Dayschool II2011ATTRACTION MÉDIA INC.Brazil
DOIGTS CROCHES (LES)2008Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc.Argentina, France
Doodlebops Animated Series I (The)2009Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc./Divertissement Cookie Jar Inc.Argentina, Germany
Drain the Great Lakes2010Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd.United Kingdom