CHINA (People’s Republic of)


Please note that the Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on Co-Production of Films only covers feature film projects. Also, please note that projects shot on digital supports are eligible.

Signed February 23, 1987


Minimum Participation
Bipartite: 15%
Multipartite: 15%

French or English dubbing must be done in Canada.

Article XI:  “Original sound tracks of co-produced films shall be recorded in English or French or Chinese. Sound tracks for dubbed copies may be recorded in two of the three languages. Other languages can be used for dialogues of co-produced films, if the script so requires. The work of dubbing or subtitling a co-produced film in English or French will take place in Canada; dubbing or subtitling in Chinese will take place in China.”

Third-party country location of exterior shots, if the script so requires, if both Canadian and Chinese producers take part in the shooting, subject to approval of both authorities.

Third-party country participants if needed, with prior approval by competent authorities.

The Chinese government has informed the government of Canada that from now on, any audiovisual production company which is legally registered in mainland China may co-produce feature films with foreign partners of their choice. They no longer have to form a partnership with a Chinese public company in order to co-produce with foreign partners.

Official text of the Canada-China Treaty (17 K)