HUNGARY (Hungarian People’s Republic)

Member State of the European Union (EU)

Signed May 7, 1987

Film & Television

Minimum Participation
Bipartite: 20%
Multipartite: 20%
At least three technicians, one leading performer and two supporting performers.

French or English dubbing and subtitling work must be done in Canada.

Article XVIII: “Dubbing or subtitling of each co-production into English and French shall be carried out in Canada and the cost shall be included in the Canadian co-producer contribution. Dubbing or subtitling in Hungarian shall be carried out in Hungary and the cost shall be included in the Hungarian co-producer contribution. The Hungarian co-producer shall have access to the English and French versions made by the Canadian co-producer to meet his needs for distribution and marketing in his territories.”

Departures from minimum staffing requirements may be approved by the competent authorities of both countries.

Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a third-party country, if the script or action so requires and if technicians from the co-producing countries take part in the shooting.

Participation of one third-party country performer, should the co-production so require, subject to approval by the competent authorities.

Application Deadline: 60 days prior to principal photography.

Official text of the Canada-Hungary Treaty (31 K)

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