LUXEMBOURG (Grand Duchy of)

Member State of the European Union (EU)

Signed March 4, 1996

Film, Television & Video

Minimum Participation
Bipartite: 20%
Multipartite: 20%

French or English dubbing or subtitling must be done in Canada.

Article VIII, section 2: “The dubbing or subtitling of each co-production into the French and/or English, German or Luxembourg languages shall be carried out respectively in Canada or in Luxembourg.  Any departures from this principle must be approved by the competent authorities of both countries.”

Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a third-party country, if the script so requires and if technicians from the coproducing countries take part in the shooting.

Lab work in a third-party country if technically impossible in the coproducing countries, and subject to the approval of the competent authorities.

Participation of third-party country performers, should the film so require, subject to approval by the competent authorities.

Official text of the Canada-Luxembourg Treaty (23 K)