Official text of the Canada-New-Zealand Treaty – New Treaty
Signed September 11, 2016
Entry into force: May 1st, 2017



Film, television, and video works on any production support known or not yet known for any distribution platform intended for viewing

Minimum Financial Contribution by Producers – see Annex Article 2
Bipartite: 15%
Multipartite: 10%

Nationality of Participants– see Article 1, Article 5 as well as Annex Articles 3 and 4

Proportionality of expenditures – see Article 4

Copyright and Revenue sharing – see Article 7

Distribution – see Article 8

Key Positions – see Annex Articles 1 and 3

Location shooting and technical services – see Annex Article 4

Dubbing – see Annex Article 5

Transitional Provisions – see Article 13

Applicable Telefilm Guidelines – The guidelines applicable to audiovisual treaties that have entered into force as of July 1st, 2014 are applicable for this Treaty

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