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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past seven years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
EMAfilms Inc. Quebec Luxembourg, Belgium, France, New Zealand
Entertainment One Ltd. Ontario Hungary, Brazil, France, Malta, Australia, United Kingdom
Entreprises Ronald Gilbert Inc. / Ronald Gilbert Enterprises Inc. Quebec Germany
Experimental Forest Films Inc. British Columbia Norway
Eye Steel Film Inc. Quebec United Kingdom
Facet 4 Media Inc./Média Facet 4 Inc. Quebec Ireland
Ferns Productions Inc. British Columbia Germany, France
Filmarto Inc. Quebec France
Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc. Quebec France
Films du Grand Désert Inc. (Les) Quebec France
Fire Development Inc. Ontario France
First Generation Films Inc. Ontario Spain, Germany
Forum Films 2005 Inc. Quebec France, Belgium
Forward Thinking Film Worldwide Inc. Ontario South Africa
Foundry Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Frigate Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Gestion Annick De Vries inc. Quebec Brazil
Gestion Avanti Ciné Vidéo Inc. Quebec France
Goodbye Productions Inc. British Columbia Luxembourg, Belgium
Groupe JFK Inc. Quebec Italy, France, China
GROUPE PVP INC. Quebec France, Italy, Australia, Colombia
Guru Animation Studio Ltd. Ontario United Kingdom
Handel Productions Inc. Quebec United Kingdom, Brazil
Hawkeye Pictures Inc. Ontario Germany
Highwire Pictures Inc. British Columbia France
Honalee Productions Inc. British Columbia Argentina
Idéacom International Inc. Quebec France
Idlewild Films Limited Nova Scotia South Africa
IndustryWorks Pictures Inc. British Columbia Czech Republic
Infield Fly Productions Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
InformAction Films Inc. Quebec France
Inner City Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Intuitive Pictures Inc. Quebec France, Israel
Kaïbou Productions Inc. Quebec France
Kandahar Films & Fashion Inc. Ontario Germany
Kensington Communications Inc. Ontario France, Germany, Austria
Kew Media Group Inc. Ontario Australia
Laro Film Inc. Quebec France
Leif Films Inc. Ontario Belgium
Les Films de L'Aviseur Inc. Quebec France
Les Productions Cinématographiques Boréal Films Inc. Quebec Belgium
Les Productions Rabid Dogs Inc. Quebec France
Lightship Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom, Austria
Lowik Média 2008 Inc. Quebec United Kingdom, Switzerland, France
Lumanity Productions Inc. Ontario Sweden
Lux Films Inc. Quebec France
Matter of Fact Media Inc. Ontario France
Mercury Filmworks Corp. Ontario France
Merit Motion Pictures Inc. Manitoba United Kingdom