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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past seven years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
Les Productions du Cerf-Volant Inc. Quebec Mexico
Les Productions Rabid Dogs Inc. Quebec France
Les Productions Rivard Inc. Quebec Israel
Lightship Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom, Austria
Lowik Média 2008 Inc. Quebec United Kingdom, Switzerland, France
Lumanity Productions Inc. Ontario Sweden
Lux Films Inc. Quebec France
Matter of Fact Media Inc. Ontario France
Mercury Filmworks Corp. Ontario France
Merit Motion Pictures Inc. Manitoba France, United Kingdom
Microscope Inc. Quebec Ireland, France, Belgium
Mifilifilms inc. Quebec France
MIKALY INC. Quebec Luxembourg, Ireland, United Kingdom, Switzerland, France
Mobile Homes Picture Company Inc Ontario France
Morag Loves Wolves Inc. newfoundland/Labrador Germany
Murmur Media Inc. Ontario Denmark, Finland
Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc. Quebec France, Australia
Mythic Productions Inc. Ontario Italy
Nehiyawetan Productions Inc. British Columbia New Zealand
New Real Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Newroad Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Night Raiders East Inc. Ontario New Zealand
Northern Pines Ltd. Ontario United Kingdom
Northern Sky Entertainment Ltd. Ontario United Kingdom
O&M Canada Inc. Quebec France
Ocean Odyssey Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Odyssey Media Inc. British Columbia Belgium, Bulgaria
Oh Yuck Productions Inc. Ontario Australia
Opportunity Knox Inc. newfoundland/Labrador Ireland
Over the Horizon Pictures (Canada) Inc. Ontario New Zealand
Paragraph Pictures Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Peace Point Entertainment Group Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Périphéria Films Inc Quebec France, Romania, Mexico, Colombia, Germany
Phyllis Laing Family Trust Manitoba Spain
Picture Plant Limited Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Pier 21 Films Ltd. Ontario United Kingdom
Plausible Communications Corporation d/b/a Prospero Pictures Ontario Germany
Polar HG Film Productions Inc. Ontario
Possibles Média inc. Quebec France, Belgium, Australia
Primitive Entertainment Inc. Ontario Germany
Productions de la Peur (14-18) Inc. (Les) Quebec France
Productions Julix Inc. Quebec Belgium, Ireland, France
Productions Nova Média Inc. Quebec France
Productions Ottoblix Inc. Quebec France
Productions Shut In Inc. (Les) Quebec France
Quadrant Motion Pictures Inc. Ontario South Africa
Quiet Revolution Pictures Inc. Ontario Hungary
QVF Inc. Ontario France
Real To Reel Productions Inc. Ontario Australia, Germany
Red Cedar Films Inc. British Columbia Germany