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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past seven years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
Rezolution Pictures International Inc. Quebec United Kingdom
Rhombus Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil
Rink Rat Productions Inc. newfoundland/Labrador Ireland
RIVVR Media Inc. Ontario Netherlands
Saloon Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. British Columbia Ireland, Germany
Scythia Films Inc. Ontario Germany, Denmark
SDP Entertainment Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Second Sight Pictures Inc. Quebec Chile
Serendipity Point Films Inc. Ontario Hungary, Germany
SERGESPRO INC. Quebec Italy, Israel, France, Spain, Japan, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany
Shaftesbury Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Sienna Films Inc. Ontario Ireland
Simple Films Limited Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Single Guy Studios Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Six Island Productions Inc. Ontario Germany
SK Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Brazil
SongbirdSOS Productions Inc. Ontario France
Steven L Silver Holdings Inc. Ontario Germany, South Africa
Storyline Entertainment Inc. Ontario Greece, Chile
Strada Films Inc. Ontario Denmark
Subject Films Inc. Ontario France
Sundial Entertainment Inc. Ontario France
Take 5 Productions Inc. Ontario Ireland
Talibev Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
The Film Farm Inc. Ontario Germany, Norway
Thrive The Movie Inc. British Columbia Australia
Thunderbird Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom, Australia
Thxmum Holdings Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Time Image Inc. Ontario South Africa
Time Tremors TV Productions Inc Ontario Australia
TimeLapse Pictures Productions Inc. Ontario Bosnia and Herzegovina
Title Entertainment Inc. Ontario Israel
Tortuga Films Inc. Quebec France
Transfilm International Inc. Quebec France
Trinica Entertainment Consultants Inc. Quebec Germany
Trinity Works Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom
Triptych Media Inc. Ontario Finland
True West Films Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
Vagrant Productions Inc. Ontario South Africa
Vivavision Inc. Quebec France
Way Below the Line Inc. British Columbia Bulgaria
Wilding Pictures Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
YAP Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Yowza Animation Corp. Ontario New Zealand
Zone3 Inc. Quebec France, Switzerland