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Through the Canada Feature Film Fund, Telefilm Canada supports all stages of a feature film, from development, to production and post-production, to marketing to audiences both at home and abroad.


The Development Program supports  Canadian production companies looking to finance the development stage of their  feature film project(s).

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The Production Program supports Canadian production companies looking to finance the production and/or post-production stage of their feature film projects.

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Talent to Watch

The  Talent to Watch Program (formerly the Micro-Budget Production Program) supports the development, production, digital distribution, and the promotion of a first feature film or web content project.

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Theatrical documentary

The Theatrical Documentary Program, in partnership with Rogers Group of Funds, supports Canadian production companies looking to finance feature-length documentary projects in production and post-production.

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The Marketing Program supports Canadian distribution and production companies looking to finance the marketing and distribution of their feature film project(s).

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International marketing

The International Marketing and Festival Participation Program supports Canadian production companies looking to finance the promotion and international marketing of their productions officially selected at an international festival.

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Export assistance

The Export Assistance Program supports foreign companies acquiring Canadian films, with the objective of increasing the visibility of Canadian talent and productions internationally.

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The Promotion Program supports Canadian organizations active in film, television, or digital media.

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Canada-France mini-treaties

Canada and France have signed specific agreements to additionally support certain coproduction projects through selective financial assistance.

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Canadian production companies can now submit coproduction projects to Eurimages—European Cinema Support Fund.

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