Innovation program

This program is aimed at supporting innovative projects that meet Telefilm Canada’s strategic objectives and are not covered by its existing programs.

Who can apply

Canadian production companies that demonstrate the expertise needed to complete an innovative project that is not covered by Telefilm’s existing programs.

Compliance with the program guidelines is a prerequisite for funding, but does not guarantee access to Telefilm funds.

Overview of the program

The financial participation of Telefilm will take the form of a repayable advance not exceeding 49% of the project’s budget.

Telefilm may, at its discretion, impose specific financing conditions for the different projects.

Important: Projects that meet the eligibility criteria of Telefilm’s regular programs but have obtained negative decisions cannot be resubmitted under this Program.

Overview of eligibility requirements

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a Canadian-controlled corporation as defined in the Investment Canada Act, having its head office in Canada;
  • Be able to demonstrate that it has the necessary expertise to successfully complete the proposed project;

Eligible projects:

  • Innovative projects that are not covered by Telefilm’s existing programs.
  • They may take different forms, but must all have the purpose of enabling Telefilm to achieve its strategic objectives and its overall objective of stimulating demand for Canadian audiovisual content and access thereto.

Please consult the Guidelines below for specific eligibility requirements.

 This program is currently under review.