Telefilm Canada releases its 2018-2020 strategic plan “See Bigger”

Statement from G. Grant Machum, Acting Chair, Telefilm Canada

 March 7, 2018 – “It’s my great pleasure to reveal Telefilm’s 2018-2020 strategic plan, entitled See Bigger, which was approved at our Board meeting last week.

Since 1967, Telefilm has been dedicated to the development and success of Canada’s audiovisual industry. And now, 50 years later, Canada has acquired the maturity and the proven capacity to create world-class content.

Today, we are known for the significant number of talent making their mark on the international scene; our high-quality films and television series; our cultural diversity; and our promising new generation of creators.

Going forward, Telefilm’s mission does not change. With this strategic plan, we continue to evolve and set the course for the next phase: to help make Canada the world’s largest producer of independent content.

Telefilm will focus on four areas of action: foster innovation, strengthen Canadian talent’s position on the international market, stimulate export of our content, and continue to improve the organization’s overall performance.

Telefilm’s 2018-2020 strategic plan is available online.

Over the last eight years, Telefilm developed, implemented, and strengthened initiatives, programs, and business relationships. Thanks to the strong leadership and clear vision of former Chair Michel Roy and Executive Director Carolle Brabant, Telefilm is well positioned to achieve the present strategic plan.”