Diversity and inclusion

As a Partner of Choice, Telefilm Canada is committed to an industry that reflects a culture of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusivity. We acknowledge that Canadian creators of underrepresented identities experience greater challenges in obtaining financing, and we are firmly committed to demonstratable action in creating greater access.

Equity and Representation Action Plan

Building upon the framework guided by the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion (CCDI), as well as our ongoing consultations with external stakeholders, collective commitments from staff, and in response to public dialogue calling for increased inclusivity, we have committed to the following actions:  


Create a culture of mutual respect, dignity and inclusivity for Canada’s audiovisual industry.


Review and update existing Telefilm policies through a lens of diversity and inclusion in order to abolish systemic racism.


Engage in ongoing dialogue with underrepresented communities.


Launch Equity and Representation Action Committee to align diversity and inclusion efforts across Telefilm,  including the external Diversity & Inclusion, Indigenous, Gender Parity Working Groups, and the internal Employee Diversity & Inclusion Working Groups.

Increase dialogue through consultations, programs, and events to strengthen ties with underrepresented communities.


Commit to a diverse workforce that is reflective of Canadian society.


Create four new positions for Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour employees: two on the Project Financing team, one in Business Affairs, one in a Senior Management role reporting to the Executive Leadership Team.

Heighten outreach and recruitment efforts to ensure greater diversity and representation in Telefilm staff.

Increased training and education for staff across Telefilm’s four offices.


Ensure all levels of staff at Telefilm are reflective of Canadian society.


Commitment to a minimum 50% representation of new hires across Telefilm from underrepresented identities by 2023 (Black, Indigenous, other Racialized Persons, Persons with disability and LGBTQ2+).

Ensure a minimum of 30% representation of new management hires across Telefilm from underrepresented identities by 2023.

Increase dialogue through consultations, programs, and events to strengthen ties with underrepresented communities.


Prioritize data collection.


Further develop initiatives to capture data as it relates to underrepresented communities in applications and programs.


Review Telefilm’s decision-making processes.


Review of Telefilm’s evaluation and decision-making processes as part of our ongoing commitment to supporting a greater diversity of talent and recommend action plans.


Expand Telefilm’s financing programs to ensure support for creators from underrepresented identities.


Launch new Development stream for filmmakers from Racialized Persons. Evaluate our program needs to support creators from LGBTQ2+, Persons with Disabilities, and Official Language Minority communities. Look into initiatives that will broaden access and capacity building to amplify underrepresented voices.

Equity and Representation Action Committee

We have also committed to the creation of an internal Action Committee led by E.J. Alon and Kathleen Beaugé, which will work in coordination with external stakeholders such as the diversity and inclusion working group and continue discussions with our communities.

The mandate of the Action Committee will be to:

  • Support Telefilm in its commitment to achieving the goals of inclusivity, diversity, equity and access for creators of underrepresented identities
  • Review and ensure that the activities of Telefilm’s Working groups are put into action
  • Maintain an open channel of communication with external communities

Building a Diverse Workforce

To help further our commitment, Telefilm will be hiring for the following roles:

  • Content Analyst – Lead, Equity and Representation, English market
  • Content Analyst – Equity and Representation, French market (supporting both the Lead, Equity and Representation, and the Lead, Indigenous Initiatives across both markets)
  • Business Affairs Analyst (liaising with the Content Analysts, Equity and Representation)
  • Project Management Officer, (reporting to members of Telefilm’s Executive Leadership Team)

Full descriptions for these roles are forthcoming.

Beyond these new roles, we are also committed to a minimum of 50% representation within new hires across Telefilm and 30% representation of new management hires of underrepresented identities by 2023, focusing on Black, Indigenous, other Racialized Persons, Persons with disability and LGBTQ2+. We will expand our outreach and recruitment efforts, as well as promotion and retention, to achieve this.

In addition, we remain committed to further diversifying our workforce beyond new hires through opportunities such as replacement of maternity leaves or retirements, as well as filling of existing vacant positions, consultants, and service providers.

Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

On March 9, Telefilm Canada hosted the inaugural Working Group Meeting on Diversity and Inclusion, with industry members of the Black, Indigenous, People of Colour communities, as well as representatives from unions and guilds. Telefilm invited industry stakeholder associations, Talent to Watch partners who work with, and support, underrepresented communities; and diversity and inclusion experts.

Representatives from the following organizations participated in the inaugural meeting:

Montreal International Black Film Festival
Reelworld Film Festival
CaribbeanTales Media Group
Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
Inside Out LGBT Film Festival
Accessible Media Inc

In addition, invitations were extended to ACTRA and the Indigenous Screen Office. Invitations to the Diversity & Inclusion Working Group have also since been extended to BIPOC TV& Film, Racial Equity Media Collective (REMC) and the Independent Media Producers Association of Cinematic Talent (IMPACT). Telefilm is continually looking to add member organizations to the Working Group as it evolves.

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