Discover our most recent studies on some of the industry’s most pressing topics.

Pulse on VR: Situation Analysis

Context: When will VR hit the mainstream? How fast is it growing? Will this emerging industry live up to all the hype surrounding it? What sorts of things are VR companies in Canada building? Pulse on VR: A Living Ecosystem represents an ongoing snapshot of the Canadian Virtual Reality (VR)...

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Discoverability: Towards a Common Frame of Reference – Part 1

This report provides a framework for the concept of content discoverability and the multifaceted connotations the term implies. Discoverability weaves its way between audience and content in a set of complex interactions consisting of marketing initiatives and strategies, but also public policies, commercial dealings, rapidly mutating business models, innovative technologies, and consumers with their ever-changing habits.

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How National Content is Defined in Canada and Selected Countries for the Purpose of Providing Access to Public Support

This study examines Canada in comparrison with other countries in terms of how national content is defined for the purpose of accessing public funding and hence, whether its approach is globally competitive.

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Audiences in Canada: Trend Report

This report provides a summary of Canadian media consumption trends that Telefilm has been measuring since 2012, as well as, target audience segments apparent in the Canadian market.

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On Screen Study by Women in View

This study aims to provide the Canadian industry with proven solutions, and new strategies for policy and program initiatives which may advance the cause of gender parity in the industry.

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Profile 2015 – Economic Report on the Screen-based Media Production Industry in Canada

Profile provides a snapshot of Canada's main production segments: Canadian production, Foreign Location and Service Production, and Broadcaster In-House production and also features top-line numbers on convergent digital media production.

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Philanthropic Funding For Documentaries in Canada

The two sectors of philanthropy and documentary share a common purpose. However, philanthropy as a source of funding for documentaries remains surprisingly undeveloped in Canada, despite the considerable benefit it would offer to all parties. The Canadian philanthropic sector, including grant making foundations, corporate and individual donors, represents an untapped resource for the documentary community.

This study examined initiatives drawn from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States to gain a better understanding of how they might be applied to the Canadian context. The report includes an industry –wide strategy and key actions for stakeholders.

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Canadian Movie-going Statistics

This study offers deeper understanding of Canadians’ moviegoing habits. Statistics were compiled regarding what drives Canadians to go to the cinema and what segment of the population are heavy movie-goers.

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Overview of the Canadian Feature Film Industry : 2012-2015

This study provides an overview of the Canadian feature film sector, including key players (buyers, distributors, aggregators and new platforms) as well as new business models developed during the 2012-2015 period. 

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