Thought leadership

Telefilm Canada has a key role to play in conducting and communicating value-relevant research to Canada’s audiovisual industry. By providing access to these valuable insights, we help the industry to stimulate demand for and access to Canadian content.

Relevant market research

We aim to provide Canadian content producers with timely, relevant market research that they can, in turn, use to make strategic decisions for the production, marketing, and distribution of their content.

Audience-focused research

Canadian audiences are evolving, particularly the younger segments of the population. It is increasingly important for our industry’s stakeholders to remain aware of the ways in which Canadian consumption of media content is changing and to closely monitor trends in order to best reach audiences.

In a context of rapidly changing audience behaviour, we seek to provide market intelligence to industry stakeholders regarding Canadian consumption of media content.

State of the industry research

In order to monitor the state of the industry and synthesize market changes, we develop or support key reports.

Research initiatives

We also support industry-led research initiatives.

Experts and conferences

We finance and help organize many industry conferences, featuring discussions with industry experts. Some recent examples include:

Canadian Moviegoing Report

presented by ERm Research – ShowCanada 2015

Content everywhere

Michel Roy and Michael Gubbins – PTiO 015

Ted Hope On the Future of Film

Ted Hope – Canadian film centre 2015

How do I engage my audience?

Dave Forget – Talent to Watch Session – Telefilm Canada


The 4%: Film’s Gender Problem

Dialogue – TIFF 2016


TIFF 2016