Instructions to migrate your eTelefilm account to Dialogue

Save time!

Migrate your eTelefilm account in Dialogue and save several steps related to the company registration processes.

  1. Connect to eTelefilm, as you have done previously.
  2. Click on the second tab at the top of the screen, “My applications,” then, in the menu on the left, select the first option “Funding application” under the heading “Create an application.”
  3. In the first field of the form that will appear, select the Promotion Program (only to reach the message that will then appear – you won’t have to make an application).
  4. A message notifying you that you need to migrate your account will appear. Check that your information is still valid, then click on the “Create my new account” button. This will create an account for you on our new platform and you will receive a confirmation email that your account has been created.

If you have questions regarding the migration of a client account, please contact making sure to specify the subject of your request (registration/enrolment process).