Telefilm Canada announces the funding of 20 English-language feature films

Telefilm Canada supports the production of 20 English-language feature films from across Canada with a total investment of over $7 million. Fifty per cent of the projects selected are directed and written by women.

This year, Telefilm received and processed 136 applications under the Production Program for English-language projects with budgets of $2.5 million and below. French-language feature films under this stream were previously announced in May 2020.  

The films selected are:  

Director: Amelia Moses
Writers: Wendy Hill-Tout and Lowell Boland
Producers: Wendy Hill-Tout and Michael Peterson
Production Company: Lone Wolf a Movie Company & Voice Pictures
Province: Alberta  

Director: Koumbie
Writers: Koumbie and Taylor Olson
Producer: Terry Greenlaw
Production Company: Picture Plant
Province: Nova Scotia  

Door Mouse 
Director and Writer: AvanJogia
Producer: Kyle Mann
Production Company: Independent Edge Films
Province: British Columbia   

Hailey Rose
Director and Writer: Sandi Somers
Producer: Scott Lepp
Production Company: Iylond Entertainment
Province: Alberta  

Indians in Cowtown 
Director and Writer: Agam Darshi
Producers: Anand Ramayya and Kelly Balon
Production Company: Karma Film
Province: Saskatchewan   

Director and Writer: Liz Cairns
Producer: Tyler Hagan
Production Company: Experimental Forest Films
Province: British Columbia  

Director: Hubert Davis 
Writer: Joel Richardson
Producer: Jennifer Jonas and Leonard Farlinger
Production Company: New Real Films
Province: Ontario  

Matt and Mara
Director and Writer: Kazik Radwanski
Producer: Dan Montgomery
Production Company: Medium Density Fibreboard Films
Province: Ontario  

Director and Writer: Lonzo Nzekwe
Producer: Amos Adetuyi and Floyd Kane
Production Company: Circle Blue Films & Freddie Films 
Province: Ontario  

Riceboy Sleeps 
Director and Writer: Anthony Shim
Producers: Rebecca Steele and Anthony Shim
Production Company: Lonesome Heroes Productions
Province: British Columbia  

Director and Writer: Nik Sexton
Producer: Mary Sexton 
Production Company: Sexton & Son Productions
Province: Newfoundland and Labrador   

So Much Tenderness
Director and Writer: Lina Rodriguez
Producer: Brad Deane
Production Company: Rayon Verde
Province: Ontario    

Director and Writer: Christian Sparkes
Producer: Allison White
Production Company: Sara Fost Pictures
Province: Newfoundland and Labrador  

The Draft
Director, Writer and Producer: Jephté Bastien
Production Company: 9205-8494 Québec
Province: Quebec  

The Incident Report
Director and Writer: Naomi Jaye
Producer: Brian Robertson and Julie Baldassi
Production Company: Low End
Province: Ontario  

The Sun and His Daughter 
Director: Ryan Ward
Writers: Mackenzie Leigh and Ryan Ward
Producers: Mackenzie Leigh and Ryan Ward
Production Company: Heart Shaped Movies
Province: Manitoba    

The Wishing Tree
Director and Writer: Laura Adamo
Producer: Pasha Patriki
Production Company: big woo woo &9 Light Entertainment
Province: Ontario   

The Young Arsonists
Director and Writer: Sheila Pye
Producer: Agata Smoluch Del Sorbo
Production Company: Borrowed Light Films
Province: Ontario  

Two Cuckolds Go Swimming
Director, Writer and Producer: Winston DeGiobbi
Production Company: Easter Green Films
Province: Nova Scotia  

You Can Live Forever
Directors and Writers: Sarah Fobes and Mark Slutsky
Producer: Rob Vroom
Production Company: 6909060 Canada Inc.
Province: Quebec   


About Telefilm Canada 

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