Story ideas

Building audiences—the importance of promoting the value of Canadian content

Talented Canadians receive extraordinary praise and earn the highest honors. During the past year, their films have played at 83 festivals and won 37 awards. La Guerre des tuques 3D and Brooklyn, respectively, generated more than $3 million and $6 million at the domestic box office. The aim is to promote this success so as to make Canadians aware of it, proud of it and ready to celebrate their cinema the same way they celebrate their astronauts and Olympic athletes! Thus the need to build solid promotional partnerships.

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Attracting new partners to Canadian cinema—stimulating private financing

Developing, producing, promoting, distributing and exporting a feature film is a long, costly, high-risk operation, much like a R&D project. The average budget of a feature is about $3.4 million and Canadian films have to make their way in a world increasingly rich in high-quality works.

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Measuring success beyond the box office

Who watches Canadian content, where, when and how? How can Canadian stories capitalize on the potential of the digital world that has revolutionized consumer habits? Answering these questions is crucial for the Canadian industry, which wants to continue advancing, innovating and improving its strategies to reach new audiences.

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