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Skábmagovat Indigenous Film Festival 2024 

Skábmagovat, Finland, January 25 to 28, 2024


(Feature and short films, all genres) 

The Skábmagovat Indigenous Film Festival is currently accepting applications for its 2024 edition. 




Indigenous people’s film festival Skábmagovat creates standing ground to present Indigenous people’s films globally – cinematography that is hardly seen on mainstream media. Skábmagovat is organized annually in Inari, center of Sámi culture in Finland, when the polar night passes. 

Skábmagovat Indigenous Film Festival is one of the oldest Indigenous film festivals in the world and known for its quality content and one-of-a-kind environment. Its specialty is its outdoor theatre which is thoroughly made of snow. Snow theatre is an experience even to cinephiles as well as festival veterans – films are sometimes seen even under -30 degrees temperature. Surely films are shown indoors too, making enjoyment from feature films possible. Skábmagovat’s screenings are running from Thursday to Sunday, from dawn to dusk.  

Skábmagovat’s role as a contributor to the Sámi film industry’s visibility is significant. The festival has established an international visitor base from film industry and other festival organizations looking for new and unique productions for their needs. Naturally, it’s completing and diversifying the film selection in Finland as well. 

Telefilm Canada recognizes the selection of a feature film in the Festival for applications to its International Promotion Program

Promotion and Communications 
Telefilm Canada, Montréal