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Our engagements

Diversity and inclusion

As a Partner of Choice, we are committed to an industry that reflects a culture of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusivity.

Gender Parity Action Plan

We continue our commitment to create a more inclusive and representative entertainment landscape.

Environmental Sustainability

We are committed to lead and support concrete eco-responsible business practices and policies within the industry.

Guiding principles on harassment

We are committed to supporting a healthy ecosystem that thrives in a culture of mutual respect, dignity and inclusivity – free from any form of harassment.

Indigenous Initiatives

Telefilm Canada is proud to play a part in supporting the telling of authentic Indigenous stories.

Pan-Canadian Consultation

We are committed to hearing from a wide variety of creators and industry members from all regions in order to better understand the needs of under-represented groups.

Accessibility Plan

We are committed to being more accessible for people living with some form of disability. Our Accessibility Plan details what we plan to do in the next 3 years to become more accessible.