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Recruitment process

Discover the key stages and our evaluation methods for our recruitment and hiring process.

The process may vary. Some steps may be conducted in person or by video-conference for accommodation or geographic purposes.

Step 1

Analysis of your application

We select candidates based on the job requirements and the candidates’ relevant experience.

Step 2

Telephone interview

We’ll set up a 15-to-30 minute phone conversation. During the conversation, we will share with you details regarding the nature of the role, the workplace culture and answer any questions you may have about working at Telefilm. We will also chat about why you’re interested in the position and in working at Telefilm.

Step 3

Behavioural interview 

This interview is conducted by a committee of 2 to 4 people, including the Coordinator, Talent Aquisition and the hiring manager. We will share more about the scope of responsibilities of the position. You will have the opportunity to  share with us more about your past work experiences and your skills relative to the position.

Step 4

Tests (as needed)

After you’ve applied, you may be asked to write a test or series of tests. Examples include language assessment tests, technical tests, writing tests etc.

Step 5

Reference checks

After the interview, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form allowing us to contact your former employers for employment references.  

If required, you may be subject to a Criminal/Financial Background check.

Step 6

Conflict of interest check 

A conflict of interest is a situation in which an employee has private interests that could negatively influence the performance of their duties at Telefilm. 

Applicants agree to comply with a conflict of interest audit related to the audiovisual industry. This audit is to declare any potential, real or perceived conflicts of interest. 

Step 7

The offer

The candidate receives a contract of employment confirming the terms and conditions of employment, as well as the policies to be read, and forms to be completed.