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Business Intelligence and Research

Telefilm Canada finances, conducts and promotes relevant, high-calibre research that serves to inform the industry and advance solutions and collaboration.

Industry Studies

Business Intelligence and Market Research

Telefilm finances and commissions studies that provide current data to help guide strategic decision-making for the development, production, marketing and distribution of content. 

Applying for research financing 

Telefilm offers financing to support third party research that will empower and inform Canadian production companies, industry associations, festivals, and content creators with business intelligence.

Some current research areas of interest:

  • Sustainability: environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities
  • Best Practices in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)
  • Developments in innovation, business and creative (e.g. impact of AI, new business models)
  • Industry accessibility barriers
  • Marketplace analysis and content discoverability (e.g. distribution models, financing, etc.)
  • Economic and social impact of our industry
  • Challenges for Indigenous content/creators

For more information on corporate priorities, please visit our Strategic Plan page.

Application documents

We ask all applicants to thoroughly read the documents before making their request.

All applicants must submit their applications by email to

For any questions relating to the application process, please email