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Business Intelligence and Research

Telefilm Canada has a key role to play in conducting and communicating research to the screen-based industry of Canada. By providing access to these insights, we help the industry stimulate demand for and access to content. 


Telefilm provides industry members with current and relevant market research that they can use to make strategic decisions about the production, marketing and distribution of their content.

Audience research

Audiences in Canada are changing, particularly younger ones. It is essential for industry stakeholders to be aware of trends and changes in Canadian media consumption in order to better reach audiences.

As audience behaviour changes rapidly, we seek to provide key market data to industry stakeholders.

State of the Industry research

In order to monitor the state of the industry and synthesize market changes, we develop or support key reports. 

Studies conducted

Research financing 

Telefilm offers financing to pursue relevant industry research. 

Have a research idea you would like to submit to us? Consult the following research standards to create a project outline for submission. We will contact you if the project is in line with our goals of empowering and informing key stakeholders with business intelligence. These projects are designed to support growth and sustainability within the industry.  

To submit your research project

  1. Consult our criteria for industry research projects
  2. Submit your project outline
  3. We will contact you 

Criteria for industry research partners