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Project Financing Advisory Committees

Telefilm uses Advisory Committees to support its decision-making processes across many of its programs.

External Advisory Committee members work with Telefilm’s feature film team to evaluate eligible projects and make recommendations to Telefilm in line with the programs’ objectives and evaluation criteria. Advisory Committees ensure a collaborative evaluation process, and draw on each committees’ collective levels of expertise and perspectives.

Telefilm is committed to creating Advisory Committees which are balanced in terms of gender and underrepresented voices, regional representation, and which represent a diversity of viewpoints, as well as levels and areas of expertise, whenever possible.

The Advisory Committees supporting the Indigenous Stream and the Stream for Black and People of Colour (for the Development Program) will have representation from individuals who self-identify as Indigenous, Black, or People of Colour, as applicable.

Telefilm is seeking external Advisory Committee members who can contribute to the evaluation of projects within the following programs:

  • Development
  • Production
  • Theatrical Documentary
  • Talent to Watch

Past Advisory Committee members

As part of its commitment to a transparent decision-making process, Telefilm will publish the names of the external members of the Advisory Committees each fiscal year once the decision-making is completed for all programs whose decision-making was supported by advisory committees.

Interested in becoming a member?

This is a general call for applications. Telefilm is inviting qualified industry professionals to lend their expertise and sit on our advisory committees. The nature and calibre of the evaluation and decision-making process calls for members from every corner of the audiovisual industry, with current activities unlikely to pose a conflict of interest with the role of advisory committee member.

Telefilm will appoint qualified candidates to specific committees to ensure diverse representation on each committee. Selected candidates will be compensated based on the number of projects they evaluate, and the time spent in discussions with the advisory committee.