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Advisory Committee Member application

Telefilm is welcoming applications from interested industry professionals to be considered as Advisory Committee Members.

Eligible candidates will support Advisory Committees across programs throughout the year. Individuals may participate on more than one Advisory Committee. Candidates who are selected will be compensated at industry standard rates, as determined by Telefilm.

Telefilm will refresh membership annually to help ensure balanced representation, new perspectives, transparency, and continued expertise. As part of its commitment to a transparent decision-making process, Telefilm may publish the names of its Advisory Committee Members once all decisions have been finalized.


Ideal candidates have a passion for the continuing evolution of Canadian film, and are open to a wide range of subject matter, perspectives, styles, and genres of filmmaking.

The skills and knowledge required for Advisory Committee members varies depending on the program.

The Advisory Committees will collectively possess (across all its members) the following competencies:

  • Experience, expertise, and capacity to assess creative material of all types (film, theatre, literature, television, etc.)
  • Experience, expertise, and capacity to assess marketing strategies, cultural resonance, and audience potential of a project proposal
  • Expertise in the financing of Canadian feature films and documentaries of various budget levels, including international and treaty coproductions
  • Knowledge of Canadian and international arts and culture
  • Knowledge and cultural sensitivity relating to a diversity of communities
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Experience working in teams and collaborative and consensus-based processes
  • Ability to objectively evaluate different artistic sensibilities, perspectives, and types of films and filmmaking approaches, while following evaluation criteria and assessment requirements


  • Thorough knowledge of Telefilm’s Program Guidelines, particularly each programs’ objectives, guiding principles, and evaluation criteria.
  • Participate in an initial on-boarding meeting to discuss the roles and responsibilities of the Advisory Committee including the Code of Conduct and the evaluation and recommendation process.
  • Evaluate and score the application materials for assigned projects in a template form and according to the program evaluation criteria and assessment guide.
  • Provide project feedback with constructive notes on the strengths and weaknesses of the project proposal.
  • Participate in one or more Advisory Committee sessions to jointly discuss and review the portfolio of applications and make recommendations to Telefilm.

Depending on the program and the application volume for a particular Advisory Committee, the time commitment for participation will vary and could extend over a few to several weeks.

Additional requirements

  • Access to a computer and a stable internet connection.
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft platforms, including Excel and Word (Training will be provided on the Teams workspace).
  • Comply with Telefilm’s Code of Conduct for Advisory Committee Members including:
    • The eligibility requirements for Advisory Committee members.
    • The conflict of interest requirements.
  • Sign a Confidentiality Agreement and must maintain strict confidence in all confidential information, including their role as Member.
  • Complete the Self-Identification Form for Advisory Committee candidates.
  • Enter into a standard services agreement with Telefilm for the services rendered as a member of an advisory committee.

How to apply

  1. Please fill out the Advisory Committee Self-Identification Form and the Confidentiality Agreement (found below).

  2. Please email the following documents to
  • Your curriculum vitae
  • Advisory Committee Self-Identification Form (completed)
  • Confidentiality Agreement (completed)

Telefilm will only contact eligible candidates.