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Our initiatives

Telefilm spearheads a variety of discoverability initiatives designed to help spread awareness of Canadian productions and creators, both in Canada and internationally.


Telefilm is behind two podcasts that celebrate our screen-based community in Canada. We interview actors, directors and producers about their careers and experiences crafting Canadian content. Listen to them wherever you get your podcasts! 

Maple Popcorn

The English-language podcast is hosted by Marriska Fernandes.

Sortez le popcorn

The French-language podcast is hosted by Catherine Beauchamp.

National initiatives


See It All

See It All is a database of Canadian films and their availabilities on various streaming platforms within Canada. It is updated regularly with new releases and curated playlists.

Feel again at a theatre near you

To get audiences back to the cinemas, we asked Canadians to share their movie memory. The winning entry was made into a commercial by Canadian filmmaker Julien Christian Lutz, also known as Director X.


MADE | NOUS celebrates the works of Canadian creators in film, television, video games and digital entertainment, both here and around the world.

International initiatives

Canada now logo

Canada Now

Canada Now is a platform designed to help those in the United States find Canadian films across their streaming platforms, as well as in theatres and at partner film festivals. 

RDV Canada

Your rendezvous with Canadian content and talent in the world’s spotlight, and your chance to discover production partners present at festivals and markets around the world.