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Market circuit

Markets stimulate the sale of Canadian works. They facilitate pre-financing of productions, and partnerships for potential coproduction projects.

Telefilm helps creatives move through the market circuit by offering support and ensuring projects are noticed on the circuit. Getting noticed leads to increased chances of distribution and promotion during the project’s release cycle.

Market calls for entry

We offer a call for entry service via email that provides important information about the application process for key markets.

Promotion initiatives 

Not Short on Talent 

Not Short on Talent is a Telefilm Canada initiative that presents a selection of new Canadian short films at international markets. 

Our showcase aims to increase the visibility of new Canadian short films, and to promote talent to delegates from the industry registered in international markets, including buyers and curators of festivals. 

First Look 

First Look is an export initiative that presents a selection of films in post-production to buyers, international distributors, sales or talent agents and festival programmers invited to screenings.  

Its goal is to create meaningful encounters between talent and the industry, in addition to stimulating sales and acquisitions. 

‘Meet the’ Series 

RDV Canada’s Meet the Series enables participants to benefit from exclusive and personalized guidance (networking, meetings, B2B, consultant etc.) for a few months covering different events. 

External experts from the screen-based industry provide guidance to the participants. 

Partnerships with markets and forums 

With our partners, we offer a variety of initiatives for professionals that enable them to take part in events aimed at helping them develop their knowledge and network of contacts and carry out their projects. 

Among others, Telefilm has ongoing partnerships and application initiatives with ACE, EAVE, Gotham Week, Producers without Borders, and Rotterdam Lab.

Homegrown talent at international markets

The Canada Pavilion

The hub for Canadian content at the world’s leading international markets.