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How to apply

Before you submit your application

  1. Check the Deadlines page for opening and closing dates. We recommend that applicants start the application process well before the program closes
  1. Read the program webpage, including guidelines, eligibility criteria, and application documents. The information you will need to complete your application is on the program webpage and in the documents.
  1. Verify the application submission process on the program webpage.  
  1. Review our Code of Conduct guidelines, which outline our commitments and expectations towards business partners and clients.  
  1. Gather all the documents needed to complete your application. 

Submit your application 

Applications for most of our funding programs are submitted through Dialogue, our online application portal.

The program webpage specifies how your application should be submitted. 

If you’re applying for the first time through Dialogue

You must create a Dialogue account for your organization. 

  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email containing your temporary ID and password. Use this to login to your new account.
  • Once an organization has been created in Dialogue, any member of the organization can submit or work on an application.
  • You can find guides on how to use Dialogue on the Dialogue login page. 

If you already have a Dialogue account 

You can apply for a new program with your existing account through the Dialogue page.

After submitting your application

A member of our team will contact applicants if there is any information missing.

Our target processing times by program are listed in our Service Charter

You will find out if your project has been approved or refused through the Dialogue portal or by email.

If your application is approved

You will be contacted by a member from our Business Affairs team, who will provide guidance, give feedback, and assist with getting your contract.

Contact us

Please include all the following information when emailing us:

  • The program you’re applying to 
  • First name and last name 
  • The company you represent 
  • Your project title 
  • Your request or question 
For questions relating to the application process or funding program
For questions regarding enrolment of your company on Dialogue and
For technical
For questions and technical issues relating to Telefilm’s Self-Identification
For questions regarding the evaluation or decision-making processPlease check the program’s webpage for the contact list

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