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Advisory Committee Members

The Advisory Committees support the decision-making processes for many of Telefilm’s programs. They are comprised of external and internal experts who evaluate the projects submitted to the programs, and make recommendations to Telefilm.

Telefilm is committed to fostering and supporting a diversity of voices in the industry. The external Advisory Committee representatives are chosen to reflect regional and cultural diversity, and gender parity.

The following external representatives were part of the Advisory Committees for the Development Program, the Production Program and the Theatrical Documentary Program for the 2021-2022 fiscal year (including the Indigenous Stream and the Stream for Black and People of Colour):

  • Nobu Adilman
  • Jamil Agard
  • Helen Asimakis
  • Katrina Best
  • Martin Bilodeau
  • Amelie Calixte
  • Lorne Cardinal
  • Guillaume Corbeil
  • Powys Dewhurst
  • John Dippong
  • Nathalie Dorais
  • Helen du Toit
  • Justin Ducharme
  • Tara Ellis
  • Helen Faradji
  • Jean-Phillipe Gavina
  • Lesley Grant
  • Kim Hsu Guise
  • Julie Hackett
  • Meghna Haldar
  • Matthew Hays
  • Carolynne Hew
  • Alain Jacques
  • Anika Jarrett
  • Kate Kung
  • Candace Maracle
  • Oswald Michelin
  • Daniel Northway-Frank
  • Ivy Yukiko Ishihara Oldford
  • Steph Ouaknine
  • Jinder Oujla-Chalmers
  • Justin Rawana
  • Fraser Robinson
  • Renee Robinson
  • Marlene Rodgers
  • Karina Rotenstein
  • Erica Shaw
  • Nadine Valcin
  • Anne-Claire Villeneuve
  • Brandice Vivier Burns
  • Janine Windolph