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International treaties and memorandums of understanding

Close to 60 countries have audiovisual coproduction treaties and memorandums of understanding with Canada.

Given that Telefilm Canada administers these treaties and memorandums of understanding (MOUs) on behalf of the Government of Canada, applications for recommendation are sent to us for evaluation purposes. Once evaluated, we recommend projects likely to be recognized by the Department of Canadian Heritage as audiovisual treaty coproductions.

The Department of Canadian Heritage is responsible for the negotiation of audiovisual coproduction treaties with Canada. You can access the list of treaties currently being negotiated here.

Recommendation Process

• Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can submit a recommendation application at any time
• Applicants must first submit a preliminary recommendation application 30 days before shooting of the coproduction (60 days if it is a coproduction with Hungary, Poland or Hong Kong). Please contact us if you are unable to meet this timeframe

Submit a coproduction
recommandation application

Looking for Canadian co-producers?

List of audiovisual coproduction treaties and memorandums of understanding


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