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Film Coproduction Treaty between the Government of Canada and the Government of the People’s Republic of China

Key points

Film, including every version thereof, made on any production support, existing or future, for any distribution platform intended for viewing that is subsequently recognized as a treaty coproduction by each Party.

This treaty covers Film only.

Bipartite:  15%
Multipartite:  10%


Subject to sub-paragraph (b), location shooting of a film coproduction will take place in the coproducing parties.

The competent/administrative authorities may, by mutual consent in writing, allow for the location shooting of the film coproduction to take place in a non-party for storyline and/or creative reasons.

Unless otherwise specified in the Annex of this treaty, each participant involved in a film coproduction shall be a national of the coproducing parties.

The Parties, through their respective competent/administrative authorities, may by mutual consent in writing allow the participation of non-party nationals in the film coproduction, notably for storyline, creative, or production purposes.

The competent/administrative authorities may, by mutual consent in writing allow technical services to be provided in one or more non-parties provided that producers demonstrate the non-availability of those services in any of the coproducing parties, and provided that the value of such services does not exceed twenty-five (25) percent of the total production budget of the film coproduction.

For the purpose of this Annex, “dubbing” means the production of any version of the film coproduction in a language other than the original language or languages.

Subject to sub-paragraph (c), all dubbing services of the film coproduction in English and French or Chinese Mandarin will be performed in the coproducing parties.



Please take note that this summary is simply a reference tool and that you must comply with the complete terms of the applicable treaty(ies) (see documents below) and with Telefilm Canada’s Audiovisual Coproduction guidelines.


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