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Coproduction recommendation submission


Coproductions are joint film and television productions that are shared between Canadian and foreign coproducers in accordance with audiovisual coproduction treaties signed between partnering countries.

We evaluate and recommend projects likely to be recognized by the Department of Canadian Heritage as audiovisual treaty coproductions.

Who can apply

Any Canadian-controlled production company that has signed a coproduction agreement with a foreign producer from a country that has signed an audiovisual coproduction treaty with Canada.

Recommendation process

  • Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria can submit a recommendation application at any time
  • Applicants must first submit a preliminary recommendation application 30 days before shooting of the coproduction (60 days if it is a coproduction with Hungary, Poland or Hong Kong). Please contact us if you are unable to meet this timeframe.

Overview of eligibility criteria

Projects submitted must meet the following criteria (subject to the provisions of each treaty)

  • coproduction produced jointly with an eligible producer in a country that has signed an audiovisual coproduction treaty with Canada
  • Canada and the coproducing country must provide a minimum financial contribution of 15% to 30%, as per the terms of the applicable treaty
  • financial, creative and technical contribution, and the level of expenditure must all be in proportion
    • for example, if the project is 40% Canadian, it is expected that 40% of the budget be spent in Canada
  • all personnel hired to work on an official coproduction must come from the coproducing countries
  • production and post-production of the project must be carried out in coproducing countries
  • subject to the approval of administrative authorities, most of the treaties allow for non-coproducing country actor(s) and foreign location shooting when the script so requires

For more information, please consult the applicable treaty, the Guidelines, and the FAQs.

  • Certain provisions are required in a coproduction agreement.  Before submitting your application please consult the comprehensive list in the Tools section in the International Treaties area relevant to the country you are coproducing with (NB: these requirements vary per treaty country).  If any required clauses are missing you may have to do an amendment in order to receive a preliminary recommendation.

Information about the program

Guidelines – Current

Applications must be submitted online.


Evaluation grids

Documents required when applying

Coproduction Declarations

Useful tools

Contact Person

Farran Clements

Phone:  647-475-4861
Toll free: 1-800-567-0890