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Audiovisual Co-production Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of the Republic of Cuba

Key points

Project, irrespective of length, including animation and documentary productions, produced either on film, videotape or videodisc, or in any other format hitherto unknown, for exploitation in theatres, on television, videocassette, videodisc or by any other form of distribution.

Bipartite:  20%
Multipartite:  20%


Live action shooting and animation works such as storyboards, layout, key animation, in betweening and voice recording must, in principle, be carried out either in Canada or in Cuba.

Location shooting, exterior or interior, in a country not participating in the co- production may, however, be authorized, if the script or the action so requires and if technicians from Canada and Cuba take part in the shooting.

Where the competent authorities approve location shooting in a country other than those of the co-producers, citizens or residents of that country may be used, where necessary, to guarantee the takes, subject to specific approval by the competent authorities

The producers, writers and directors of co-productions, as well as the technicians, performers and other production personnel participating in such co-productions, must be citizens, or permanent residents of Canada or Cuba.

Should the co-production so require, the participation of performers other than those provided for in the first paragraph may be permitted, subject to approval by the competent authorities of both countries.

All work on an audiovisual co-production, from the start to the first printed copy, shall be done in Canada and/or Cuba, or, where a co-producer from a third country is involved, in that country.

The laboratory work shall be done in either Canada or Cuba, unless it is technically impossible to do so, in which case the laboratory work in a country not participating in the co-production may be authorized by the competent authorities of both countries.

The original sound track of each co-production shall be made in either English, French or Spanish. Shooting in any two, or in all, of these languages is permitted. Dialogue in other languages may be included in the co-production as the script requires.

The dubbing or subtitling of each co-production into English and French, or into Spanish shall be carried out respectively in Canada or in Cuba. Any departures from this principle must be approved by the competent authorities of both countries.



Please take note that this summary is simply a reference tool and that you must comply with the complete terms of the applicable treaty(ies) (see documents below) and with Telefilm Canada’s Audiovisual Coproduction guidelines.



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