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Films Co-productions Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Australia

Key points

Any sequence of visual images, irrespective of length or format, including animation and documentaries, produced either on film, video tape or videodisc, for distribution in theatres, on television, video- cassette, videodisc or any other form of distribution.



Co-production films shall be made and processed in their entirety up to the creation of the answer print in Australia and/or Canada and/or where there is a third co-producer, in that co-producer’s country (and dubbing may be carried out in Australia and/or in Canada and/or, where there is a third co-producer, in that co-producer’s country).  The majority of this work shall normally be carried out in the country of the co-producer which has the major financial participation.  The competent authorities shall have the power to approve location filming in a country other than the countries of the participating co-producers.

Where the competent authorities have approved location filming in a country other than that of the participating co-producers, citizens of that country may be employed as crowd artists, in small roles, or as additional employees whose services are necessary for the location work to be undertaken.

Individuals participating in the making of co-production films shall be nationals or residents of Australia, Canada or, where there is a third co-producer, citizens of that co-producer’s country.  In exceptional circumstances, where script or financing dictates but subject always to the approval of the competent authorities, internationally recognized performers from other countries may be engaged.  The engagement of such performers shall be restricted and, as a general rule, performers from the participating co-production countries shall be engaged in the production.

The performing, technical and craft contribution of each co-producer to a co- production film shall be in reasonable proportion to each of the co-producer’s financial participation.

Lab work – No specific requirement.



Please take note that this summary is simply a reference tool and that you must comply with the complete terms of the applicable treaty(ies) (see documents below) and with Telefilm Canada’s Audiovisual Coproduction guidelines.



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